Shards of light splinter azure skies piercing grey
and white veils hung over days we have grown
accustomed to, days drowned in deluges of drenching
rain once sent to nourish, now stripping shrubs
and flowers of nutrients washed deep asunder;

One tree standing stark and brittle, cut
down in last week’s pruning while others thrive,
throwing verdant foliage out as springtime winds
casually whirl them down to boggy soil, carpeted
now with thick mulch meant to soak up excess
in anticipation of summer heat yet to come,
as it will, eventually;

Changing climate brings to mind old plantation
days, hard labor cutting cane, hacking through
jungle-thick mountain forests, knee-deep in mud,
to construct miles of irrigation ditches, flumes
and sluiceways now used recreationally, history
fading for all but a few lingering elders
whose scattered memories find their niche
in the rolling wheel of apocryphal time.

All photos Β©Bela Johnson

26 thoughts on “Glimpse

  1. We’ve had a crazy February here (traditionally our coldest month), with record high temperatures set all across England, people sunbathing(!) on the beaches and myself in T-shirts for pretty much the whole month. I love the irrigation channel shot, as it reminds me of an old (orig. 13th.c.) manor house I once lived in on wild Dartmoor and which had a boulder-strewn river running through the grounds, with a huge wooden water wheel that powered battery cells in an adjacent barn and which same wheel diverted its flow through a network of mossy-banked man-made channels not dissimilar to the one in your photograph. Lovely imagery, Bela, both worded and visual. H ❀

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    1. Thanks, my friend. Cool you got to experience such an historic place! Wow. 13th century! As for sunbathing, I wouldn’t even do that here right now, temps have been quite low lately, 50’s and 60’s and most of us who don’t live in high-end resort communities (most of us, in sum) live in houses without indoor air-conditioning or heat. Makes it a little challenging when the temps drop or rise unduly. We finally bit down and bought a dehumidifier a couple of years ago, and it makes all the difference in the wet months. Although it’s really weird to close all the windows up, it’s a lifesaver on aging bones. Enjoy your t-shirt February! Strange times on Planet Earth. 😘

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      1. Yep, damp’s no friend of aging bones, that’s for sure. My place has two-foot thick stone walls with no damp proof course and it sits on the Somerset fenlands, so I need to keep the oil-fired range burning ’round the clock for eight months a year to keep the stone dry. Otherwise, I tread very lightly in the world, but that’s my one great sin in respect to AGW. Sending love and best wishes as ever, Hariod.

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      2. Yes, it’s difficult to reduce one’s carbon footprint to zero, even here. I’ve had the dehumidifier going these past two days and threw the windows open this morning to welcome in sunshine and our beloved tradewinds (which are now less and less frequent, predicted to decline further as global warming accelerates and we are literally left ‘in the doldrums’ more often). In addition, fans circulate subtropical air in every room, year-round. Otherwise mold would take down what the termites miss πŸ˜‰ And although we both could live in thatched huts somewhere on an even more distant island, it’s not in the cards for us just yet. Though I keep checking with Chris to see if he’s ready! Life is short and one becomes increasingly weary of the rat race.

        Still, today is glorious if the clouds can keep on speeding along overhead and the gardens can dry out a bit. I’ve got boxes of new treasures just waiting to get their feet rooted in real soil. Which requires my not so heavy footprints to remain on somewhat solid ground in order to accomplish this for them! The current project is creating garden pathways of spiked down weed matting and edging, then covered with smooth gravel. Then mulching the actual planting beds with chipped branches and leaves (like a forest floor) from the tree pruner’s work two weeks ago. It’s looking lovely, but still so darned wet. Yet once pathways are finished, it will be a LOT easier to maintain the beds, even through these stretches of wet.

        Your house sounds divine – I lovelovelove stone structures, a marvel of construction, but have stayed in such places in Scotland years ago, and yes, it’s very chilly without indoor heat! But what remarkable buildings they are. And that your countries PRESERVE these old treasures! I was so amazed, traveling all over Ireland two years ago, to see truly ancient ruins still standing in various forms of restoration or degradation. In the states, they are knocked down to build some new garish thing or another. Big difference in views toward historical preservation.

        Anyhow, gosh, this is long – sending you all best wishes and Aloha! Enjoy your midwinter summer! 🀣😍

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    1. I am sorry to say I cannot locate it anywhere πŸ₯Ί thanks for taking the time to write it, even though it didn’t appear. This is happened to me before, and it’s so frustrating! But we know technology is imperfect and, well, sigh. ☺️ sending you love across the miles! ❀️


      1. I am perplexed too, as when I visited your site via my phone the above message box beneath your photo’s is not there, as I logged back in today via my phone as I saw your response via the recent WP app I downloaded. So maybe the message goes into your email.. Its not really important. But I have not seen this feature before on your site, and as I have had to resign into some blogs putting name email and site ect into boxes I thought the above, below your photo’s was the comment box…
        Any way, I hope you are having a good day and managing to sort your own garden out again..
        Much Love dearest Bela.. ❀ Thank you for looking! πŸ™‚ ❀

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      2. Aloha and good morning, Sue: I’m on my laptop now trying to sort this out with as little luck as previously. I think maybe the issue is with phone updates or providers. I have had some bugs to work out after each update I’ve done on our iPhones and it can make one a little batty. This time it was that I couldn’t upgrade apps due to a verification process that would get hung up in the middle ‘forever.’ Technology is far from perfect. It’s why we both have to take vacations from it now and again, I’m sure!

        Do you have the WP app? Or do you go in through a phone browser? Either way, I cannot see the same issue on my phone. And on the app, commenting is a snap, at least for me. If I have to visit another’s site online, it gets a little more tricky, but still doable. Hmmmmm.

        I’m so sorry you’re having these issues, because I love hearing from you and it’s a means to stay connected. Come to think of it, I was having big-time issues with David Kanigan’s site for a long time, but they seem now largely resolved. Maybe you’re experiencing such a glitch. Sorry on my end, but cannot discover what the problem might be.

        Sending you love on this bright blessed day. We finally have some wind and sunshine, and I will take it, for however long it lasts! Peace, dear one. ❀


      3. Hi Bela.. I can not see it on my phone, I should have explained it better.. I meant to say its not visible via my phone but IS on my computer..I made the original disappearing comment via my Laptop.. My phone app by the way is WP. So maybe if you log in via your computer it may show you what I mean.. Its only on your Glimpse post and not seen it before, where it gives the list to log you email etc and then the box which it says Message…
        Like I said the comment is not important.. But interesting to wonder where it ended up πŸ˜€ Thank YOU for taking the time to try and fathom Bela..
        As for glitches, I too have had a few problems on certain blogs.. But not as many issues as I used to get..
        Do not spend any more time on it Bela… and again Thank you ❀ Our conversations also mean a lot to me also ❀ Love and Light my friend

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      4. Yes, sweet Sue, I went in on my laptop several times to check, as I’m pretty savvy with websites – have co-created a few WordPress websites actually, and navigating WP’s special quirks is pretty easy for me. Thought it might be a better way to track down a lost comment. Which I have done before (Hariod leaps to mind). But yours is sadly nowhere to be found. If it turns up, you bet I’ll let you know straightaway! Love you dearie. ❀

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      5. Bless, and thank you, I went back to check its still showing from my laptop right under your photo’s and I copied and pasted below… but scrubbed out my email it pre-fills in my particulars for me. It is all above our Like logo’s πŸ˜€ Much love ❀ and no worries what so ever.. But strange you can not see it either on you laptop..
        Sue Dreamwalker
        Message ( Box ) underneath which I used first.. to comment ❀

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      6. Nope, cannot see. And yes, it should prefill those details for you. I do see the boxes, of course, and use them when commenting on other WP sites. This shall just remain a mystery, I guess. I would have suggested a copy and paste, but you did that already. And still nothing on this end, save for all our other comments in this thread. Why not simply email it to me via the cut and paste and I will insert it appropriately? You have my email if you want to take that last step. However it goes, sending you blessings and love!

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      7. I wrote it off the cuff and while I thought I had said something profound lol. It is obviously not meant. It mentioned the apocalypse πŸ™„πŸ˜ some times spirit work in mysterious ways πŸ€”πŸ˜πŸ’–

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    1. Mahalo, Val! Wrote it on the fly, as I’ve gotten quite lazy about regular posts to WP. Trying to get back on that particular beam, as I value my small community here. Sending you sunshine and tradewinds from the soggy north shore of the Big Island this morning! May your day be blessed. ❀

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      1. Aloha Bela ❣️ Sunshine and trade winds sound lovely! I am not as active either these days as my morning routine has changed and I need to get out the door.

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