When the silver spool of dawn unravels
in languorous wisps, as clouds unfurl low
and wide in the overhead sky, my gaze sweeps
broadly and what I behold is the artist’s palette
come to life, a masterpiece with every dawning
and dusky day while the earth spins slowly
on her axis, oceans holding fast to the anchor
of gravity, fathoms of depth containing secrets
they intend to keep for eternity, horizon bending
at the ends, not level as many presume;

Soon a stark light prevails, flattens out,
shadows vanish as too-bright colors define
this segment of day, creatures move or retreat
as befits patterns held by generations of their kind,
minutes tick somewhere in cities and towns,
bells toll, hands of giant timepieces click into place
ticking time with the pace of that frantic life,
while elsewhere the sleek white neck of a swan
settles into its downy shoulders to paddle serenely
around the cool mossy waters of a still,
reflective pond.

Photos ©Bela Johnson

18 thoughts on “Coast

      1. I often love extended sentences in prose too, assuming the flow remains and one is unaware of any contrivance. I think they need to be used sparingly (in prose), though can have the tremendous effect of leading the reading down a particular course of feeling, so long as a hypnotic rhythm is allied to clear syntax, sensitive punctuation (for breath ‘heard’ internally), and (mostly, but not always) meaning. I think you use the semi-colon extremely well, Bela, in separating your stanzas, and it’s an effective device. H ❤

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      2. I will take that as a very high compliment, coming from you, my friend. I am so aware of punctuation, especially in a time where it seems to be largely unimportant.

        As to extended sentences, I cannot remember the poet? Novelist? Who was known for ridiculous run-ons. I read him when I was young and just got lost. Joyce? Cannot remember. Unimportant this morning when there is a bicycle waiting and my garden helper coming! Have a blessed, blessed day! 🙏❤️🌺

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    1. Mahalo, Betty! In the words of a Norah Jones song, you humble me, lord. Here’s hoping your spring is making its presence known.

      I’m actually headed back to the Pacific Northwest for three weeks in a couple to house- and pet-sit and get out on a sloop for the day to visit the whales. Hoping hoping to see some Orcas!

      Have a splendid day! 🥰

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