Shower trees quiver blossoms
of shell pink or flaxen yellow
with ivory struck through, sucking
up abundant rainwater, tips a brand
new green in these late spring days;
shooting ever upward, obscuring,
as originally planned, any traces
of power lines stretched between
poles fashioned from dead relations
coated in creosote, convenient
for humans more dependent,
though little they might remember,
on the lilting shade provided
in the increase of summer heat,
stretched sideways now into spring
and fall, escalating;

I planted them all in the half-acre
lawn claimed as home, knowing
how they would reduce exposure
to relentless subtropical sunlight,
dappled respite for fragrant cattleya
and glossy-leafed anthuriums,
while wing-weary fliers seek shelter
and water untinged with roadside
poisons meant to choke back
jungle vegetation that simply
cannot be contained, conditions
being prime for proliferation.

All photos Β©2019, Bela Johnson


31 thoughts on “Sanctuary

  1. Nice pics again. The flora in your half acre provide for some great views, where it’s lifeless relations extend their creosoted arms to stretch power lines. Elsewhere in a California hospital recently, the preserving arms of nature stepped in to sustain a premature 23 weeks old newborn weighing a mere 245 grams, about the size of an apple. No one believed it could survive beyond an hour. Yet one hour became two and stretched further where after nearly five months of neonatal intensive care, the baby was discharged weighing a healthy 2.2 kgs. May the good times continue..

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    1. Mahalo, Raj. And wow, the story of the infant! I once worked with a woman who was 3 lbs. at birth, but this instance seems miraculous, indeed.

      Blessings across the miles, as my husband interrupts me for a backyard rainbow! 🌈


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