Sitting still always an option, gazing
at mellow reflections, morning light
on old fir flooring burnished
by the feet of generations;
yet compelled, ever coaxed
out of doors and into an emerald
wonderland punctuated by floral
scents and hues, exuberant birdsong,
busy-ness of others dulled down
into static distance;

Staying with never the issue,
languishing in quiet unfamiliarity,
pausing beyond what is known
to drink in nature’s bounty, forest
or field, oceans or rivers streaming
along with time, alternatively
stretching and restricting, lungs
of creation drawing in sky,
expelling molten earth now
onto seashore rent by surf,
cooling waters receiving,
transforming, amending,
yet perpetually flowing.

11 thoughts on “Parenthetical

    1. Mahalo, Chloe. Perhaps I might have clarified that it is silence and nature I find effortless to ‘stay with.’ Harder with humans and cities. πŸ˜ŸπŸ™πŸŒΊ


  1. “Pausing beyond what is known to drink in nature’s bounty, forest or field, oceans or rivers streaming
    along with time…… ”
    Beautiful words that have me relaxing into a slow breath of contentment which seeing your photo shots, give me a feeling of pure love for the beauty Nature bestows upon us..

    Just so loved your muse dear Bela… Hope you are enjoying Sunny days and magical moments.. ❀ ❀ ❀

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    1. Mahalo, Sue – I am up in the wee hours due to falling into bed at 7 last night from sheer happy exhaustion after carving out yet another long garden bed. Just responded to Paul’s latest post on despair, smiling when I read your comment as it echoed my thoughts almost exactly.

      So what else to do, except to bond even more profoundly with Mother Nature, listening and learning. She is far more interesting to me than the man-made madness ‘out there.’ After all, we can, in the near-immortal words of a Guns and Roses song or album (never listened to them, but the phrase stuck), ‘Use Your(our) Illusion.’ We get to choose, and as long as I draw breath, my choice will always gravitate to earth. The rest sweeps me into a cyclone of despair and confusion where I am no benefit to anybody, least of all myself.

      Thanks as always for your kind wishes, riight back atcha, magic and moments! And for you, sunshine! For us, overcast is so wonderful. We have had such hot days that we are changing sweat-soaked clothing at least once daily. Yikes.

      Love! xoxo

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