The world cries out for Mother;
fast food and high heels can
never get us back to hands
in earth, in soil, rich firmament
above, dark umber below; heads
in a clear azure sky and feet
on the goodness of ground;

On the ground we may feel,
can sense a pulsing heartbeat,
the oneness with all; there is
no disconnection, sky from soil,
tree from root, sentient beings
one from another, we all crave
nurture, a lasting sustenance;

We may do others a disservice
when expecting them to stand in
for the Elements, arms seem to
come up empty every time; people
leave our lives, everything changes,
so much loss and toward what end?

Meanwhile as long as we draw each
necessary breath, this dependence
automatic, the Sacred awaits our
intentional participation
in this ecstatic cosmic dance.

All photos Β©2019, Bela Johnson

14 thoughts on “Cosmos

  1. Superb, dear Bela, and your lines, ‘Meanwhile as long as we draw each
    necessary breath, this dependence automatic’
    reminds me of an expression I’ve once or twice used as at least one reliable way of designating the state of our living being: ‘The obligate aerobe’. Once the obligation ceases, we fall to earth, to gather with the autumn leaves as humus, and from which all else grows. The endless cycle. H ❀

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    1. I love this; your power of phraseology is simply superb. Your grasp of the English language is admirable and I could only ever aspire to do half so well. Lovely. Perpetuity. Aloha, dear one. πŸ™πŸ˜˜πŸ’œ

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  2. Beautiful!.. And your garden dances with Beauty and love Bela..
    Nothing beats our hands in rich soil.. πŸ™‚

    This next week will see me back in my allotment catching up on the neglect after redecorating most of our home.. We only have bedrooms left to do now and we have been through the whole house.. We are tired so resting up for a few days, the weather turned with storms, power outages, ( not due to storms but failures in the grid) Very strange, or not so to us, who see deeper into things πŸ™‚ ..Another ‘Sign’ of change in the mix.. πŸ™‚

    But I am content within my garden Bela.. and have a back up generator for my precious harvest.. πŸ™‚

    Sending much love your way my friend.. Have a wonderful week ❀

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    1. Thanks so much, Sue. We finally invested in a back up generator a couple of years ago. We lose electricity more often than I would like for what we need to store in the freezer and fridge in this subtropical climate where everything turns funky fairly quickly. It has been a good investment, as Chris can also use it on job sites where he doesn’t have electricity.

      A whole house redecorated is an ambitious project! I am at the stage where I just pick away at it, here and there. The template is already well set. So kudos to you!!

      Enjoy the harvest! Hopefully the rains helped things along rather than the reverse, though I suspect it might be a bit of both. Love to you, dear Sue. Enjoy! πŸ’•

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      1. Well Its been at least ten years since we really did any serious decorating Bela, and once we started on the living room, the dinning room etc we just had to keep on going..
        We are very satisfied with the results but it may be another ten years, lol and then we will get decorators in lol.. As we both struggled reaching and stretching, balancing on step ladders etc.. πŸ™‚ ❀

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