The sea rolls out and cannot pause long before
once again seeking the safety of the shoreline;
children leave home until they sprout sturdy wings
of their own, only to one day return older,
perhaps wiser, with appreciation of rootstock
and richness of the nurturing ground;

Fingers of the infinite, we jump ship and land
on foreign soil, forgetting, longing to return
to that One Magnificent Tree from which billions
of branches have cleaved;

Yet why do we yearn for reunion before we have
fully experienced the capacity and magnitude
of a multidimensional self which ever informs
the One, expanding it, enlarging its own ability
to conceive a more colorful body of light?

20 thoughts on “Unity

  1. “Yet why do we yearn for reunion before we have
    fully experienced the capacity and magnitude
    of a multidimensional self “………….

    Yes, why indeed.. Maybe because we never knew we were multidimensional, at least before we awoke!, but our internal knowing was always pushing us to reconnect ..
    So many threads we have, so many roots, and so many branches, ALL of them connected to the whole..

    Beautiful Bela..
    Have a wonderful week my friend ❤

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    1. Thanks, my friend! Yes, you have a good point. As ‘all that is’ continues to expand awareness of itself through all creation, you are probably right! We likely never knew, or … entered a dense gravitational field and the forgetting was unlike any we had previously experienced. So it took awhile to remember.

      I wonder if one day ‘all will be revealed’ or if that ‘all’ is still and ever in process of becoming. In any case, I will enjoy this amazing place as long as I can.

      Love and blessings for your own great week! Aloha 🌺👽💕

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  2. ‘Yet why do we yearn for reunion before we have fully experienced the capacity and magnitude’ This, and the whole of the last stanza, is so well said. At some point in our lives, we’ll begin a new adventure or chapter or move to someplace new. Yet for some of us, we’d always want to go back home or yearn for the past that we’ll never get back. What’s ahead is uncertain and because of that, we all long for safety and comfort. But if we are brave and allow ourselves to discover that multi-dimensional self, there is no guessing how much stronger we will be. It takes change to live and learn. Lovely shot of the tree, Bela. It looks so strong even after all the years it has been around 🙂

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    1. Mabel, you are always so thoughtful. I so appreciate your eyes moving over my writing, for you interpret in a way unique to you. Thank you.

      Indeed your take on this reveals how the formless anchors through the world of form, whereas my burst of inspiration that generated the piece laid down a template for a thing not yet landed, where the concepts and inspirations originated, that Magnificent Tree, as it were. The reunion I spoke of was that of rejoining All That Is, our Source, for some, “God.” Yet in practice, your words clarify how we interpet and act upon these oft-obscure impulses. (Hoping this makes sense.)

      It Does take change to live and learn, though don’t humans resist it! And SO interesting, your comment, in the midst of a wave we are riding ourselves which portends change (again). Not yet certain what or how this wave will land on shore, but we are listening.

      Again, my thanks. Sending you love and aloha across the waters! ❤


      1. So agree that it takes change to live and learn. Everything changes over times, and that tree probably changes slowly but it changed over time still. Sometimes we might not feel change, but it’s always right there. Aloha right back at you and take care ❤

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