Embracing the Magic

Aloha, dear people:

Sorry for my scattered check-ins and the cessation of my own WP posts, I do value this WP community. A few months ago, the Universe tapped me on the shoulder and it precipitated some major life changes that we are in the  midst of just now.

If you’re wondering what your own future holds in 2020 and beyond, despite Eckhart Tolle’s caveat to remain in the moment (and many of us practice this on a daily basis),  I will pass on a keyword that may or may not resonate with you. That word is alignment. To my inner knowing, more and more we are being called into aligment, and many of us are discovering this requires a physical, geographical relocation. Such is the case with us.

Thus for the past three months, give or take, we have diligently placed our noses to the grindstone and finished a long-awaited addition to our house in preparation to sell it and move on. (The link just highlighted will take you to the listing. Please share if you are so moved, and mahalo!)

We have greatly enjoyed 15 years on this island, and have been blessed with a fabulous community. Still, Chris has been working far too hard and we look forward to balance and a more sustainable lifestyle. I hope to get back into radio and professional writing, as well. And not to be minimized, the move will take us nearer to our girls. Fifteen years is a long time to rarely see adult children. So here we are.

Stay tuned for more news, once we finalize things on the other end. And here’s wishing you all a peaceful New Year. Remember the “A” word, and you can’t venture far from life with heart and soul. Blessings, Bela

45 thoughts on “Embracing the Magic

    1. My goodness, thanks, Balroop; time indeed takes wings these days, swooping me out of its grasp as I realize I’ve left all of this hanging … I appreciate your support. Wishing you all the blessings of new beginnings in this new year. Hugs back! ❤

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    1. Aloha TS! I totally agree that, like Bedouins or any hunter gatherers before us, we do heed the call and have learned to live with many uncertainties. If home is in the heart, there is no need to focus it elsewhere. Still, I do like nesting into whatever shelters us, from time to time. Thanks for the kind words. And happy new year! 💥🌈🌟


  1. I wish for you all the best, Bela, and I know you will have no problem selling your home to another who longs for the island life. I take it your move will bring you into the other states again so you are closer to your adult children. I, myself, am hoping that at some point I will be able to be independent once again as living with my daughter is really not something I anticipated nor do I enjoy. But my path brought me here for a reason for me and that is to finally take care of myself and to be able to have my own life…apart from taking care of others. A new venture and one that is taking much diligence and patience on my part. If you do not keep your blog, I will miss your wonderful writing, but there are times when one must move on. Take care. Aloha!

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    1. Yes, Renee, I feel you. And thanks, by the way, for the affirmation and well wishes. I know I couldn’t live with one of my precious daughters for long at all; they have their lives, I have mine. The duty days of some of the older cultures seems onerous to me, and doubtless to them as well. But I will appreciate proximity.

      I intend to continue contributing to my blog; it’s just that with the crunch to finish the house addition, I’ve gotten lost in a time warp of sorts and my creativity has been focused on the physical – paint, decor, etc. Now we can relax a bit and I can gather what’s left of my sanity in the detritus of the maelstrom.

      Many blessings in the new year to you. It’s likely going to be a rocker and a shocker like last year, but we can remain steady in the eye of the hurricane, should we choose. Blessings all around! 💞

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  2. Dear Bela,

    At the outset, wish you a lovely and empowering 2020!

    Loved reading your post. Like you, I too have been forced sabbatical on WordPress and so missed out on the lovely engagements I used to have here. But like you, I too am trying to make a comeback, albeit on a modest scale! Kindred spirits, would you say?

    I wish you a lovely relocation to where your heart is taking you. ” Being in the moments” I have found is all about being with one’s heart.



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    1. Aloha Shakti! Sorry it has taken me time to respond to these loving comments. I appreciate hearing from you, my distant friend! And I, too, wish you a wonder-filled 2020, despite the global challenges that plague us. We can hold whatever focus we choose, though, can’t we?

      I am glad you’ve not abandoned WP; neither have I, though my energies have been focused elsewhere for the last few months. Feels like I’ve gotten a bit of a reprieve, but we shall see how long it lasts! We are in the midst of so much, and it’s hard to predict just when the earth will rumble again (metaphorically speaking)!

      My heart is full with the well wishes of people such as you, it means so much. Thank you. Namaste. May blessings abound and return multiplied to those who grant them! And so it is. 🙏🏽💞


  3. Bela, reading what you have been up to I sympathise with all the hard work. However, I can hear longing for change and that all makes it worth the struggle. I so look forward to hear you finding your place – somewhere that speaks to you.
    Wishing you a happy new year and a very positive move.


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    1. Miriam, indeed you have a grasp of our situation through the few words I posted. Thank you for your insightful and compassionate response. Here’s wishing you all the best in 2020! Many blessings, Bela💕


  4. So great to hear from you and your news Bela! Good luck with the addition and getting things aligned for the year ahead. May the New Year unfold with ease and you land well! It takes courage to come to a life changing decision … and in my experience, hard work, patience, companionship and a sense of humor to see it through! 💕

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    1. Namaste, Val! Thanks so much for your supportive and kind words. And yes, it takes courage, which we both know is code for ‘lots of heart.’😄 That I do have, but as I told Chris, I think this is the last major move I’m going to undertake. It’s really energy and time consuming to the point of exhaustion on a daily basis! Thanks for the reminder to bring humor in, which is something I usually possess in abundance but have found lacking in all the tedium. And patience? (haha). Trying, as always. Better with age.

      Blessings in this new year! I’m looking forward to getting back to ReAdING posts, once again! Sporadic, these days. Lots of loving Aloha, Bela💗

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    1. Mahalo plenty, Kerfe! Truly appreciate it. All blessings in this new year, and may the luck you wish me multiply for you in your own life! Hope to get back to reading your wonderful offerings soon! So talented. Bless. 🙏🏽

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    1. Patrick, it also occurs to me to share this with you. We have lived on the Big Island and Molokai years ago. Between them, we’ve had nearly 20 years of living here amongst native born people. The resort life most tourists experience bears little resemblance to the realities of economic disparities and political maneuvering to favor the uber elite. Kind of like a microcosm of what’s going on in the greater United States these days. All the best, Bela http://www.randallroth.com/files/The%20Price%20of%20Paradise%20-%20Lucky%20We%20Live%20Hawaii%20%20Randall%20Roth%20editor.pdf


  5. Hi Bela, and wow, so much change! 2020 will be a year of alignment with purpose, so this is no surprise to me. After all the upheaval, I know you will find space that fills you with love (for a variety of reasons). Wishing you the best outcome and a year filled with purpose, 🙏🤗❤️

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    1. 💕🙏 thank you! Yes, I suspect you’re feeling the waves as they wash over us these days. So many. I couldn’t comment on your latest post, but here’s wishing you peace and parity (word that leaps to mind) now and into the void we call future. Or the eternal now. Or. Bless you and yours. 💥

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      1. Sorry, I have fixed the disabled comments (wasn’t aware so thanks for drawing attentiom).
        Yes, I feel the waves… The energy is getting stronger. 2020 is drawing us into a turbulent time, I think. May we survive and thrive. ❤️🤗

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  6. I know many of us are becoming aware of that ‘alignment’ Bela.. And the synchronicities behind our experiences are not to be ignored..
    You have worked hard on getting your home ready for sale and I know the effort and love your poured into your garden..
    I have a feeling 2020 will bring about wonderful changes to those who are ready to embrace them, even though I also feel it may project us into uncertain times… We dear friend at least I feel are embracing the NOW and the Positive..
    Have a wonderful New Year and I am very excited for you as your new future in a new home nearer your family unfolds..
    Much love my dear friend. ❤ 🙏💖😘🌈💚

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    1. As always Sue, you are so generous with your loving support. Know that it bounces back to you tenfold from my end. Much appreciated. And yes, things will definitely have to go through their birthquakes in order to awaken those who heed the call. The patriarchy will not go down without an enormous struggle. We know this. And yet this earth, a Being unto herself, cannot continue in its chokehold. The Divine feminine must rise in order to bring things back into balance. Again, nothing you don’t already fully know. Sending you so much love and light, dear Sue. We need to hold candles out for each other as we go through this period of perilous darkness. Love love love 💕🙏🧚🏼🔥

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      1. My candle already lit.. I have lit one Literally in reality every day since New Years Day… 🙂 Sending love into our Mother..
        I feel your relocation will be a good one Bela… It is Divine Timing my friend.. 🙂
        Much love and thoughts your way.. ❤

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  7. Bela, just now catching up with you! I wish you all the best in your plans, in your move, in all aspects of the changes ahead. (And selfishly I’m hoping you’ll be moving closer to where we are, as that would mean the possibility of meeting someday. 🙂 ) Also understanding the Alignment. Visualizing it every day.
    Much love to you! ❤️💕💖

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  8. May your realignments bring ever-more joy and contentedness, dearest Bela. Whoever your new neighbours are to be, and whatever new associations you may make, they all will be blessed by your venerable presence and the integrity of your diverse artistry. H ❤

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