Last Monday we closed on the lovely property pictured here. We are now in a position of having secured the ground for our future whilst awaiting the selling of the home we have lovingly restored from old Plantation times to its present incarnation. It’s been so much fun, and yes, a lot of work! We never planned on leaving it, so we made it our own, tropical gardens and all. You can view it here.

Still, we might have known better. Living wide open necessitates a willingness to shift and grow, both inwardly but also occasionally outwardly, at least for us. So back we go to where we lived many years ago. The high desert of New Mexico is singularly unique. And we look forward to the variety of topography and wildlife we remember from that time, as well as different opportunities for us both. Aloha for now!

photo credit for all images: Laurie Hilton; last image: Alexander Berlonghi

31 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes!

  1. Bela, your new digs look wonderful yet it appears a little crowded neighbor-wise. But the high desert lifestyle is full of sounds one never hears living in more populated areas.

    Tubularsock has an artist studio he works out of from time to time in El Rito, NM. Tubularsock usually goes there to work when he starts to miss the night sky.

    As you are aware the night sky and the sounds of less populated areas are alive with possibilities one often forgets from a city perspective.

    Wishing, as Roy Rodgers used to say, “Happy trails to you ………”


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    1. Haha yes, TS, crowded with birds and trees and coyotes 😉 Just the way we like it! We have never lived in cities, so light pollution is something I don’t think I could live with. Even growing up in the foothills of the San Gabriel mountains, we saw city lights in the far distance (at that time; things have, of course changed there as everywhere), but that was all. They did not exist in my young life either. And we camped out under the open skies of the mountains or desert whenever we could. My dad was big on the outdoors, and, though a complicated man, he inculcated in me a love of being in the wild.

      Small world that you are in El Rito, from time to time. This place is in a nearby community, so we will be neighbors! But I won’t recognize you in passing unless you have the swirly-bob thingy on top of your head and/or you travel with herds of elk. 😂 So you’ll have to spot me and give a hidee-ho, though we’re both basically homebodies. Thanks for your kind words. Cheerio!

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    1. Mahalo, Colette! It is a peaceful spot. We ‘coincidentally’ first saw the place when staying at an airbnb at the nearest neighbor’s. I fell in love them, 6 yrs ago. Who knew ‘our’ paths would cross again and that the property would be for sale!? Gotta love Universal intelligence. Blessings! ❤

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  2. From tropical to desert…a huge leap, for sure. I love warmer climates but not extremes. But, in the Winter, there is snow in New least where my friend lives. Again, too extreme for me. Very hot Summers and very cold Winters. But if you love the Seasons, then you are moving to a place you’ll love. I wish for you all the very best. I don’t believe I will ever become totally adjusted to the country where my daughter lives (not in the city) but hopefully, things will change. My ultimate dream would be to live closer to the ocean but that may never happen. But I do have memories of my youth. Aloha!

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    1. Yes, Renee, the plight of southern Californians, once relocated. There are few places in the world with that kind of ideal climate; thus the crazy crowding that exists there now. I feel for you.

      As for me, I cannot do the crowds or the city. I have to be as close to nature as I possibly can be. It’s like oxygen for me, like breath. So we are going from tropical extremes to mainland extremes, we are well aware. Yet the snow in the high desert is not the ice back east; the unrelenting gray skies and ice storms that have replaced the beautiful snow we could at least ski on. At least where we’re going, the sun comes out most every day and warms the soul.

      The planet is changing, and rapidly. In the end, we were called to where we’re going. So instead of fighting it, we are simply moving with it. And it doesn’t escape us how lucky we are that we can hear the call and have the grace to follow it. We are excited to see how the next phase unfolds.

      Wishing you well, as ever. 🌎💕

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  3. Bela, I am taken with the pictures from your new home. It appeals to me in many ways. The bit I can see of the house, the gardens, the views. It speaks peace.
    Must say I was taken with your home in Hawaii too. You and your husband pick well.
    Have a wonderful time in your new home.


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    1. Miriam, I thank you for noticing and sensing the feel of the places we have lived and will be living in. Indeed, it is the quality that draws us, regardless. The feeling, for me, is one of being electrified. Then I know. Without a doubt.

      And thanks for the well wishes! It means so much! Aloha ❤


  4. This looks pristine, my friend. What an awesome place to be in, on or around. And I opened the link to see your other home and I can only say that locations might not be special by themselves (I am wrong here but 🙂 – rather they are made special by the ones who decide to give them all their love.

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    1. Mahesh, good to see you here! Thanks for your kind words. For us, it is All about our place in nature. We are excited to get back to the forest as we are both tree people. 🤗 And our homes are definitely canvasses for artistic expression. It’s fun making them ‘our own.’

      Blessings to you and your sweet family! And happy new year! 🎉🔥🌎🌈😘

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  5. I am happy things are moving Bela.. And we are often moved to be ‘moved’ when the time is just right.. The Universe I have always found has a plan.. I am sure you will love being in your new home and your new location my friend..
    Looks Gorgeous.. 💙💚💖

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