Choices, Choices

Will we be part of the madness, or will we join in a vision of a better world?

How many times has this thought occurred to you in the past few decades? Yet now more than ever, the question becomes crucial. My friend Sue Dreamwalker recommended a series of video/audiofiles a few months ago called Time of the Sixth Sun. This is a brilliant compilation of visions and voices of Indigenous peoples throughout the world. As one speaker says, we are all Indigenous to somewhere. Think about it, and you’ll realize it’s true. We may have lost our roots, but we haven’t lost the desire to belong to something larger than ourselves.

I have shared this website with many, and gifted several series memberships to loved ones, as a result. The information presented is brilliant and illuminates corners of my very being that had lights blinking on and off for a time. I am grateful to have the affirmations of many, stated in various ways that touch on each corner of what most now term Reality (which is, after all, an agreed-upon collective ‘creation’). And participants turn these corners upside-down and inside-out with their grounded earth-based wisdom. If you want to heal the earth, or more particularly our relationship to it, I know of no better compliation of work. I realize, and you might as well, that we Can be the change we want to see.

The ‘old guard’ is not going to go without a fight, the like of which is plastered across worldwide news media screens like a bloody banner these days. I always thought watching corporate news was a waste of time, but now it’s even more blatantly clear why this is so. There is So much going on, So many wondrous things happening in our world! Yet the same sources all over the world hash and re-hash the same fear-based agendas: war, conflict, politics and greedy corporate business machinations. Most of us know that political systems are breaking down left and right, making a mockery of any sort of Democracy or social justice constructs. Do we really want to play into this fantasy vision of reality? It is a choice we make with every breath we take.

~ bj photo “Kohala Windmills” 2020


17 thoughts on “Choices, Choices

  1. So true Bela.. They replay and hash over the same old same old fears, and each News room is under the same agenda… Spread Fear….
    Politics, needs great reform, and has lost its purpose amid the big corporations, self interests and you said it all..
    Many thanks for sharing the link, The Time of the Sixth Sun, Its something everyone should see, and understand we are so, Soooo, much more than we have been led to believe.. And that WE CAN make a difference, by being that difference by becoming that Change…
    No one is going to do it for us..
    And the more I understand and open up my senses, the more the Universe is giving me… And its an amazing journey… But it all comes with letting go of fear, and altering our perceptions of a world that has been hijacked into its fearfulness, and blame…

    Much love dearest Bela.. May we keep on keeping on waking others to what we are doing to ourselves..
    ❤ and how we can Change the world by changing how we think and behave … What we think is what we create..

    Sending love and Peace dear friend.. ❤ 🌈🙏

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    1. You captured it in a nutshell, Sue; no one is going to do it for us. That is the old paradigm, and why so many have fallen under the hypnotic trance in blind trust to increasingly more corrupt leaders. And to be fair, bit by bit it has been more and more difficult to simply live with the various systems of entrapment that have become commonplace, and which many do not believe they can live without. And which many are bent over backwards trying to support. It’s a wonder we don’t all collapse from the sheer stress of it.

      I don’t know who is attributed with saying that power corrupts, utterly. But in a patriarchal world, this is all too true. We need to get back into some sort of balance, yin as well as yang.

      I will always be grateful for your sharing this information to begin with. I’ve seen a lot pass before my eyes in my life, especially when I was in radio and had publishers pushing me material all the time. And a lot of it was good, too. But I was always looking for something with legs, not the airy-fairy kind of thing. First of all, credibility is lost, even if it does fit a sort of vision. I’ve seen some pretty wild things in my life as well in the unseen realms, but I don’t necessarily put it out there to the public in a form they cannot absorb and benefit from. So it has always been my aim to share what can be absorbed and utilized and shared with others.

      This material has so much credibility, because it comes from many different cultures, voices and practices. Yet all these voices and ways of being coalesce into a solid body of knowledge and practical wisdom.

      Being the change we wish to see is indeed the only way forward. Aloha, love, and again, my thanks. 💞

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      1. Wonderfully said Bela… And yes its heartwarming to see, and Know so many, are joining in via their hearts and understanding this world can not sustain itself at the level its going… We have to alter and bring awareness….

        Like you I am always at odds with what I know and what I publish… People would just debunk such ‘Truth’ because its not in their reality to believe such things…
        But then I think what does it matter what they think of me… So long as we open up others to other possibilities…
        But then another part of me says… Not all are going to open their hearts.. We are all at our various stages… And we have to have those lower vibrations in order to bring about compassion and higher ones… Its complex, yet all is one… Working for the whole of humanity, while to many we are seeing suffering.. Yet all agreed to play their part within the fractals we are…
        So good to know WE know what we are talking about even if it may seem in riddles to others LOL…
        Have a blessed day dear Bela… Much love your way… ❤

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      2. Yes, Sue. My particular path, as it were, was to bring awareness to those on the fringes. Preaching to the choir seemed a waste of time when I had the whole airwaves to broadcast a message. And it was fun as well, finding guests whose voices and credentials could more easily be accepted by those most needful, perhaps, of hearing that life could be different than they were used to.

        In the unseen realms, I have played a similar part, bridging and crossing between worlds. So it fits. As you say, each plays a part. And if we are attentive, hopefully we are aligned.

        Sending love back, dear one. Hope you are enjoying your weekend! 💕 blessings.

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  2. Bela, With so many others I am in total agreement with your post.
    Mankind have lost their way, the striving is against who we are and what
    binds us together with each other and Earth.

    I have for years read books about and by indigenous people in various continents
    and find the natural and direct wisdom so healing in its direct and caring


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    1. Wonderful, dear Miriam. We need our sisters to join hearts in harmony to rise up and be the community organizers, leaders, and simply to hold the energy for the same if we don’t feel called to action.

      Thanks for your caring comments. Blessings! ❤


    1. Aloha, dear Val! Thank you. Yes, and one tip? Some have told me that the film seems too much to take in, at first. They find that listening/viewing the individual numbered episodes helps them ingest the material in small bites.

      Thanks for Your presence in our world! Many blessings. ❤

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