Adversity to Alignment

I write, and I start; write and I stop; what can be said in these times? Only that what many consider real out there is simply not my reality. Yet how to explain this so that people don’t feel as though I am being careless or crass? The fact is, I care so much about the future of this planet and the life upon her that I cannot participate in the waves of fear that the Powers That Be are broadcasting on a global scale. Last night’s global meditation proved I am not alone. The energy was amazing; palpable. Our choice is ever to be subsumed in the old paradigm or to gather with like minded souls and unseen helpers and step into the New.

I happened upon a video last evening and watched it straight through. This is not typical of me, I get fairly bored with watching anything on my phone. And yet it pretty much sums up what I am feeling. You’ve got to get past the first questioner who is having trouble framing her queries to the hosts. I am sure she is nervous. Still, there’s content there that might be familiar to some. And once past that first five minutes or so, it gets rich fast.

So honestly? If I could say it better, I would. There have been many days in the now-distant past that I felt compelled to write and fill in some of the missing links. In this case, it’s already done for me.

Aloha, dear readers. Align yourselves and change the world. 💗

15 thoughts on “Adversity to Alignment

  1. Good stuff, Bela. Thanks for the links. I heard about the meditation through And I really liked Ethann and Michiela’s talk. I will explore their work further. Appreciate the info!

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  2. Great post Bela.

    For me it resonated as being in the moment. As we notice our breath, all the non-essential thought layers slide off, don’t they?

    Yes, there is going to be life after the pandemic. How we perceive the world would allow us to step into that future with trust.


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  3. Loved this Bela.. and yes we care perhaps too deeply, yet we also SEE a bigger pictures emerging.. We have done much of our own inner work as we have peeled back our own layers of letting go.. Now the collective is experiencing a global letting go as they each come to terms with their own inner demons and the collective fear generated..
    I have saved the video you linked to Bela and will watch later this evening…
    For me, my reality is my garden, its watching Mother Nature Breatheeeee… As I see clearer skies, I read waterways are clearing, I hear cities smog is vanishing.. … As I am sure your reality is also different to most also Bela.. 😉 .. As we understand a different perceptive to most .. 🙂
    We each now are facing our own personal choices.. Just How we choose, will determine our timeline experience… Not all will experience the same…
    I think within this Moment of Now Bela, i have never felt calmer or certain, that all that we have experienced before is what has brought us to this moment… This is exciting in that this is the cusp of change… If people step out of their fear and embrace the opportunities this is giving them to discover themselves..

    Love and Blessings dearest Bela… ❤ and thank YOU.. ❤ 🙏🌈💖

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    1. Many thanks for your input, Sue. It’s always refreshing and also affirming to put into words our closely-shared viewpoints. Or should I say, affirming through articulating the New Paradigm. It’s like I’m walking around in a dream, which is not at all a fantasy. The dream is that reality embraced by those who fear letting go of the dominant paradigm. The vision, on the other hand, is what I would term real. And it is that vision that has soaked into every cell of my being. And yes, it is best supported through our work in tandem with mother nature. And I am so grateful I am naturally inclined to do this, as are you!

      Many blessings, soul sister. Love to you and yours! 💞

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      1. It may be Bela that humanity has to split into our various timelines. Nature and my art and crafts is where my focus is. That and my vision for open loving supportive ❤️ hearts, that share and care more. 💕 I hope more step out if their fear to embrace gratitude and love. 💜💚💜

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      2. Agreed, Sue. I saw it years ago, a sliding of templates is how it was shown to me. And the choice of what reality, so to speak, to embrace. I am right there with you! Bless. 🙏💞🌎💜

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