I have spent too many hours marking time,
waiting for changes to come, passing precious
moments in feckless meandering, spinning wheels,
Ariadne in the shadows, balls of twine raveling
and lying in a tangled heap at my feet;

Now we have arrived, dream fulfilled, bustling rats
abandoning the airship that has sailed true,
conveying us here upon shores we once inhabited,
threaded up steep mountain slopes climbing high
and higher until the panorama unfolds, island scarlet
and gold giving way to azure, indigo, purple, pink,
green everlasting, anchoring us back to forest
and field, sacred groves, room to ramble,
all of it, all.



32 thoughts on “Arrival

      1. I bet you do! Haha. The colors now were chosen by a man with limited knowledge in building or design, but he clearly loved the place. He seemed enamored of southwest design, which I am not necessarly. Not a fan of orange walls and heavy Mexican furniture. Or whipped cream texture on walls. Nope. So we’re knocking and sanding that stuff off as best we can and going with Benjamin Moore palettes: bedrm silver fox 2108-50 and baby’s breath oc-62; Living room/kitchen: driftwood 2107-40; gray huskie 1473; atrium white oc-145. If you care to look them up πŸ˜‰ That is reserving the right Not to like them, once we roll samples on walls. But we both think these will suit the decor.

        This guy did a lot with rough boards. This house was once a horse barn, after all. Huge vaulted ceilings and open floor plan, which we love. Yet we tend more toward Japanese design, which can work really well here (think old rather than modern). Take the pole barn pole supports, drawshave them attractively, and stain them dark and give them a slight sheen. Build others into bookcases. Everything in the vaulted ceilings can remain rough textured, it seems to go fine and the contrast works. But at view level, sheetrock and these colors. The rough wood under counters and such will become wainscotting but not necessarily beaded. More like t&g. That will likely be the white color. Feels heavy in here now. Colors chosen will lighten things up considerably.

        Will one day post photos, before/afters, but in time. We’re still phasing in. Won’t take us long though. We still have a 5000 sq ft adobe to roof and finish! Probably built in the 60’s, amazing placement with panoramic views, buttressed up by the guy we bought from, and it’s a good thing, too. Amazing it’s stood all this time, a testament to the high desert climate. Infrastructure all in as well, thankfully. THAT place will be a showcase. Huge rooms, big windows overlooking the view. Stay tuned! πŸ˜€ Meanwhile, carry on with your own sweet place, as I know you will! xo

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    1. Me too! We’ll eventually raise a hoop house on an existing slab because of the elevation here (7500 ft) to extend our growing season. We also have a root cellar(!!) That and radiant floor heat – wow. Upscale from how we ever lived in Maine! πŸ˜‚ So we’re excited about that.

      Yesterday in the wee hours of the morning, awoke to coyotes yipping and howling. This morning it was the kee-kee-kee of a redtail circling close by. And a large herd of elk in the lower field (photo is nearer that field than we are – taken from our neighbor’s house). Anyhow, more anon. 45 this morning, but when the sun comes out, it will soar to 80 something pretty quickly. Love sleeping with the windows open in the chill. Looong time since we did that! Aloha, Eliza! ❀

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  1. Lush, rich and green lands, which feel freedom to Be… So happy you have arrived to BE who you are meant to BE Bela…
    Such wonderful words Bela.. and so loved that sky…. ❀ πŸ™‚ πŸ’šπŸ™πŸ’–

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    1. Yes, Sue, the skies here are amazing. Years ago when we were moving from HI to NM (yes, we did this before!), I remember saying to my friend Linda, who has lived in many of the same places as we, how would I live without an ocean? I had never done that in my life! She said, ‘Ahh, but there, the ocean is the sky!’ Truer words were never spoken!

      Carry on, dear one! All good wishes and love!

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    1. At long last, indeed! Thanks so much, Betty. I thank everyone for understanding my absence. Can’t wait to have the time and mental space to ‘really’ write again. Hoping all is well with you! ❀


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