We wait for it, court it, this breath
the newborn has little choice
but to take, the drawing in,
and from whence does it come?

Some think they know, call it muse,
the artist cares only to the degree
that it serves, insinuates itself,
etheric substance filling up and up,
bright balloon rising to sail
through azure skies, over the land,
joining the clouds, nebulous
non-structures of the heavens,
jump on them and fall,
yet substantial enough to bring
needed rains, raise crops, seep
into parched soil, bringing a forest
to fullness and life;

Inspiration arrives on its own whim,
contemplate if you will the morning
fire in the woodstove as it sucks
and draws air, igniting, as it must,
the fuel inside, spreading warmth
and bright light essential to life
as are the creative sparks
we nourish inside.

20 thoughts on “Inspiration

    1. Actually loving it, thanks Eliza. Lovely community also, small, everyone looks out for everyone else. Personally I am glad to be back in a 4-seasons climate. Loving the cold, which one can dress ‘up’ for. Eddie Bauer down jackets and vests are lifesavers! My body is happier as well without all that damp/damp heat. Gosh.

      Happy holidays to you! ❀


    1. Mahalo, Sue! The landscapes here are truly inspiring! I can imagine how Georgia O’Keeffe perceived this place, way back when. Her Ghost Ranch is a virtual stone’s throw from where we live, though roads to the place make it about a 45 minute drive. The beauty is that the countryside hasn’t changed much in our almost 30-year absence, save for the perils of climate change, causing the lake at Abiquiu to shrink precipitously. Hoping next year brings more water to the entire state. ❀

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    1. It surely is. So often it’s things I take for granted that I realize would be difficult to live without. Breath is certainly one of those. And yes, we do get some incredible landscapes in these parts! Be well, Kerfe. ❀

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