Reflections on Divisions

There is a divide growing in the US larger than the Grand Canyon.The Grand Canyon is a spectacular natural wonder, whereas events leading up to the scope of this divide have been anything but. 

Quite literally, Americans have been cleaved along lines of those for Democracy, equality for all; those who are ‘pros,’ pro choice in every way. We support each other in the enjoyment of freedom in all its forms; we help those less fortunate without exception and generally pay our due in the hope that all might have the chance to simply live. 

Then there are those who blindly follow charismatic leaders, despite often dehumanizing actions and efforts to maintain a certain social order, class and gender segregation, and the established dominion of white male supremacy. I have asked myself many times why women, in particular would support this sort of person, the sort who openly brags about ‘grabbing them by the pussy’ and diminishes women of intelligence, empathy and of course color. The sort of person who would rob them of choice and even their own children. (The fiasco at the Mexican border has become a wretched second Berlin Wall.) Just because it hasn’t happened to them does not mean it is not happening. 

In the end, I must conclude that fear is the culprit. Fear of change, of losing their privilege, of being in unfamiliar territory with those different from themselves. Somehow these dear folks have lulled themselves into greater and greater actual peril by simply not wanting to think for themselves. By simply not doing their due diligence when it comes to what they espouse. Many are Christian, yet fail miserably at the very principles Jesus taught. These principles are ridiculously simple, yet are made complex enough that people believe they need someone (usually male) to interpret ‘the word of God’ for them. Do they not realize that too often this goes according to selfish motives and whims needed to control congregants and fill coffers? When these sorts of masses give, god bless them, it is too often role driven. Secure in their place in society (or so they imagine/assume), they are convinced their actions are benevolent toward often-distant people they support through comparatively meager donations motivated by needed tax breaks. The recipients are likewise grouped under labels: poor and victim leap to mind, yet their actual lives and personal histories are as far removed as outer space. Thus it is easy to label these others as welfare cases, leeches sucking blood out of a society just trying to move its privileged forward. The givers have not broken bread with these desperate factions of societies; have not listened to their stories nor experienced any sort of cultural diversity, first hand. 

Always one to support divergent views, I have found myself so alienated from those hypnotized by the current government as to not have much of anything remaining in common. If we were to get together, what on earth would we talk about? And so I am left to will them my best intentions, and call it good. I have no desire to listen to rationalizations and justifications for their behavior, as there simply are none that can account for exclusions and suppressions of ‘undesirables’ in the eyes of these few. We have no time to indulge ignorance anymore. Global warming is real, this is not open to dispute, listen to science or go back to the cave of ignorance at your peril. The Sixth Extinction is upon us, and we are in the throes of a massive pandemic that is not going anywhere soon. To turn a blind eye to these sorts of wake-up calls is to negate our responsibility as human beings toward the Collective, our sisters and brothers as well as all sentient beings and the environment we depend upon for our very existence.

None of us chose color or gender, we were all and equally born into this life, albeit into very different circumstances. Life is short. We are tiny, less than microscopic specks in a universe filled with wonder. To hold any sort of self importance in a day when sharing and collaborating to figure out how humans might continue occupying space on this amazing spinning ball called earth is truly all we have time to do. And it will require all our creativity, all our heart in order to accomplish a badly needed shift away from established consumerist, exclusionary practices. Opening our eyes to the realities of the time is not only preferable anymore, it is imperative. Be the change you want to see. And if that change has only to do with you and yours, it may be time to rethink priorities. Bless you all.

32 thoughts on “Reflections on Divisions

      1. But now here is the difficult part. Are you willing to go the distance and throw the Democraps aside and start new?

        Nothing changes unless the rigged system isn’t changed completely.

        Look at the projected cabinet about to take control and who controls them in our Corporate State and ask …. where is any change going to REALLY take place?

        Until the game is un-rigged we don’t stand a chance at change.


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      2. Agreed. A new order is needed. But not the sort that has grabbed the spotlight these past 4 years. NOT the answer. Humans are so damned creative, surely someone’s got some good ideas out there that would be more egalitarian.

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      3. Totally agree about Dump and his following but where Dump is grossly “out there” about shit, the Obummers and the Bydones put on an agreeable front and screw regular citizens over.

        They just say it nice.

        Until we stand for REAL change then it will all be swept under the rug …… AGAIN!

        Americans are saying they want to go back to “normal”. As we bomb the hell out of the rest of the earth.

        Just look at the recent defense budget. Did you hear any of either party ask, “But where will we get the money?”

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      4. AGREED. I was actually bummed out when I heard that Biden was the Dems’ candidate. I said to myself oh brother, another old white man. What’s going to really change? So I totally get your drift. And I agree about the war budget, honest to God, when will we ever learn?! Argh!!

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  1. Yeah, I was pushing for Bernie, even with his flaws, but when Obummer put out the word and all the others folded behind Bidone that was it for me.

    If you recall, the reason we got Dump was due to the policies of Obummer/Bidone.

    So god know what we’ll get in 2024!

    But there is a bright side. So far the sun still is coming up every morning.

    Peace be with you.

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  2. Well-put, Bela. The ‘dumbing down of America’ has led to legions who do not know how to think objectively, if at all. ‘United we stand, divided we fall.’ May we find our way back to ‘a more perfect union.’ (I know that is a lot of quotes, but why reinvent the wheel? 😉 )

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    1. Haha yes, why indeed? Would love to see a resurgence of art and culture in the US, such as it ever was. Not like Europe or even Mexico or Montreal, but something. Free thinking is encouraged through creative avenues. Be well, Eliza, and thanks. 💕

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  3. Thanks Bela. It grows increasingly hard to sympathize with either the blind or those they lead. Responsibility is the key word here. They have abdicated it.

    And beautiful photos as always. (K)

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  4. Thank you for standing up and making your self heard. Totally agree. 💛
    I am so bewildered by how others think and believe so differently.
    There is much to learn and understand.
    Today really emphasized the disconnect between people…. and our vulnerability with a president who represents his own ego’s interest and continues to manipulate every one who feels they deserve more.
    I’ve cleared my schedule for Jan 20 and hubby and I are having a picnic in front of the tv to watch the Inauguration.

    Stand up. Be heard. Do no harm. Honoring Georgia 💛l hopeful, especially for climate change … and less trauma as our government does it’s job.
    May todays tumult in DC be a lesson and a milestone in regaining sanity, reason, and empathy.

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    1. Val, it sure Is hard to believe. Everything you say in your comment is valid. It’s impossible to believe the audacity and hatred that drove yesterday’s attack. And needless to say, if that was the Black Lives Matter peaceful protest with hundreds of National Guard standing in wait … Where were these protectors of the peace when the Capitol was breached? This was a clear and purposeful coup attempt from the top-down. I only hope those in power and those who perpetrated such ugly acts are held accountable. Or we risk this sort of thing happening again – only with more intelligence behind it. What a mess.

      Stand up and be heard Whilst doing no harm would be democracy in action. And we badly need to reclaim it. ESPECIALLY for climate change, yes, but also a shift is needed toward more equality for all. This multi-billionaire Old Boys Club incites the worst kind of sentiments. If the peasants felt underrepresented before, imagine how they are feeling as the divide widens.

      I don’t have The Answers, to be sure, but have been re-listening to Time of the Sixth Sun. Paradigms are shifting, and the Old Order isn’t going without a fight. So here we are, witnessing one of the most tumultuous times in history coupled with the threat of human extinction. You might think (as would I, surely) that we commoners would unite under a flag of peace and love, knowing we need one another’s brains and brawn to institute a sustainable model for living. And we are doing this, in our little corner of the world.

      I’m glad you and hubs are celebrating the Inauguration. There has been little enough to celebrate in the past four years of the rising oligarchy. But if we bring it home, down to ourselves and our communities, we can manage. I’ll be there with you in spiritu, for sure. Blessings, Val. ❤

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      1. I do think that to some degree, yes. But I also think that it is easy to manipulate people who already harbor deep feelings of racism and self/other hatred (one leading to the other). People who are bored with life and easily tempted/excited by this TV reality star President. And Trump is pretty common (not exceptional, as he would believe) himself in his lack of education and culture, as well as his bigotry and denigration of women and other cultural practices. So they feel he is one of them and can get behind him.

        Blessings, Val! 💞

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  5. Thank you, Bela: “We have no time to indulge ignorance any more….Be the change you want to see…”
    We’ve made it through the last eventful 24 hours – now the work begins!

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  6. We need to start with the realization that contrary to what we believe in and wish for, the world as seen through different belief lenses is different. We make the sense of the world from events and situations that impact us directly.

    At times, our reactions stem from fear ( as you have rightly mentioned), at other times, out of a sense of entitlement. But in almost every case, it is from a paradigm of ‘who I am’ and ‘how it might affect me’. I suppose it all goes down to that intrinsic aspect that has brought our species to this point, our survival instinct……

    As Mahatma Gandhi had remarked, “The Change has to start with me”.

    As always a great post, Bela as it made me put on my thinking caps.


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    1. Yes, change can Only start with the self. And your words resonate, for sure, Shakti. You mention entitlement, and I do think there is a lot of American Exceptionalism, as it is known.

      I do like to say, ‘nobody’s that special.’ And I mean it. If we could only realize how tiny we are in a universe of possibilities. One might think we would give it our best shot, given the shortness of life.

      At any rate, things remain unsettled in the US after the Capitol attack. We stand in utter amazement that the president remains in place with so many demanding his removal.

      And on we go, eh? Giving it our best, whilst awaiting the shift of the Collective.

      Blessings, dear one.

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  7. “None of us chose color or gender, we were all and equally born into this life, albeit into very different circumstances. Life is short. We are tiny, less than microscopic specks in a universe filled with wonder.”

    I agree with the quote….. Sometimes our views are shaped by what we perceive, and what has shaped our own particular horizons…
    Nothing is ever black or white… And while we do battle with each other, nothing ever changes… Those who rule us over Aeons have always conquered by division..
    Instead of finding faults with each other we should find our similarities, we should be looking for solutions to rebuild and unite, instead we constantly tear down to destroy…

    Change will only happen we we each look at our own reflection and see the faults within our own natures… Am I asking too much Bela? I think perhaps I am… For we each of us stand in our own corners proclaiming We are right…
    When in essence there is no right or wrong… Just the experience of the journey…
    A journey I am so weary of as we are constantly bombarded with picking sides…

    I Pray Unity prevails and common sense returns…. But alas…. the game of Chess is all about winning… and out doing your opponent.

    Give me the Game of Dominoes… I would push them all down!!!!..

    Lots of love dearest Bela… and a very Happy New Earth Year dear friend.. ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Aloha dear friend, and thanks for your comments, as always very much appreciated.

      Well, by now you know what all has taken place in the US Capitol, as much as US citizens currently know. Maybe more, the way our news sources have become uber polluted. Trump has been impeached for the second time, and my hope is that he and ALL of his co-conspirators and cronies are brought to justice. That’s the old paradigm, coming to a close, and they chose the rules!

      As for the New, the model is shaping up here in this country. Next week we inaugurate a humane and sane P and VP, and my hope is that, collectively anyway, legislation will be set in motion to reclaim the rights of so many, including those who have lost children and homes at the US/Mexican border. Shame, shame, shame.

      Meanwhile, we continue our lives here, observing nature, watching for changes, initiating what we can to help Mother Earth in our little corner of the world.

      Blessings and light! And love ❤


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