Winding down the mountain road,
layers obviate themselves; Ponderosas
and then cottonwoods and aspens
on either side, the Vallecitos River
winding along now-fallow fields, rolled
or baled hay stacked near livestock,
snow-capped peaks in the distance,
mountains beyond mountains, visible
as far north as Colorado;

Oversized ravens are ubiquitous here,
flapping indigo-tinged ebony wings,
cruising on thermals or alighting
in treetops, their croaking voices
telegraphing location or simply
sounding off for the sheer joy of it;
they live and die, never having seen
the ocean;

Today what caught the eye was one
of these beauties sailing along,
landing gear fully extended, close
but not near enough to its intended
perch in the aspen; strangely reminiscent
of an osprey descending onto
oblivious prey, one minute swimming
along and the next, dinner;

And so we live, not knowing when
or where things will change, top
of the food chain, no swooping
pterodactyl wings slicing the crisp,
blue air above, driving fear deep
into animal feet seeking safety
in the ground of what we feel.


13 thoughts on “Instinctual

  1. Excellent verse and thoughts Bela.

    You say, “…..And so we live, not knowing when or where things will change….”

    Do we really need to know these? What is that inside us which makes us want to?

    Should we choose to forego the regrets of the past and anxieties of the future, we would learn to live in the moment. That, to me, is the space where sublime bliss lives.

    God bless.


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    1. Shakti, you always offer such kind and thoughtful comments. Thanks for that.

      I don’t think we need to know these things, no. In fact we cannot. That life itself remains such a mystery I think is intentional by the nature of Creation, itself. It is a fluid, ever changing process for which we might stand in awe.

      Funny you mention living in the moment – I have Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now by my bedside, these days. Though I might spend much/most of my life this way, there are times I get thrown off-track. It is at such times it’s great to have reminders. The past is kept alive by emotions that revivify what may or may not have actually happened as we recall, and the future is unknown. So yes, sublime bliss does reside in the moment, our energies are marshalled and focused for that very thing, now. And now.

      Blessings, Shakti, to you and yours. Always. ❤


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