On the opposite side of my heart
lies an echo chamber of silence
where tiny bats dive and swoop,
clearing invisible pathways
in the open skies for those who fly
by day; this pitch black of night
finds deep comfort within me;

As light emerges from shadows,
sweeping them away as dust
from corners of a vast room,
the heart engages, pumps greater
volumes of life force, stretches out
to encompass all the eye surveys,
holding it close in order to enfold fully
as might be, before all is compromised
by those who suffer from lack of beauty
and seek to destroy what is sacred;

And obvious to any who treasure this
earth so, is the magic beheld in the space
between spaces, the cracks in the fabric
of accepted reality, eyes that see beyond
daylight into the soul’s frontiers,
a dimensional shift where beauty is
all there is, gazing deeply into everything
where others may perceive nothing,
a deep river of potentialities and a place
where all is possible in the realm
of grace and pure love.

14 thoughts on “Possibilities

    1. Dear Bela,

      I certainly concur with Val. What a lovely and potent poem you have composed!

      Speaking of “this pitch black of night [that] finds deep comfort within [you];” I am going to illuminate the night with a full moon. I have visited and perused many of your posts, and wonder whether you have written any poem(s) regarding the moon. Being a poet, artist, musician, researcher, writer and a lover of moon myself, I wonder what you will make of my poems and my artistic take on the moon. Therefore, I would like to entertain, inspire and resonate with you through my most animation-intensive post presented to you as a courtesy of my dramatic attempt to bring the Full Moon alive, so to speak, in the form of Music Animation with Dynamic Visualization presented in high definition and imbued with a scintillating full moon surrounded by eye-catching astronomical phenomena and stellar activities!

      The post has been recently expanded to contain twelve poetic stanzas constituting my rhyming poem entitled “If My Name Were Moon Tonight…“.

      As usual, in order to see all of the animations, please make sure that you view the post on my blog and not via the WordPress Reader. May you enjoy to your heart’s content the mixed-media offering of “If My Name Were Moon Tonight…” and its beautifully rendered Music Animation with Dynamic Visualization on the big high-resolution screen of your desktop or laptop computer. Switch the video playback to full-screen mode. The animation starts calmly and will gradually climax.

      There is also the opportunity to savour my own rendition of “Clair de Lune” recorded on the organ.

      The direct link to the post is https://soundeagle.wordpress.com/2020/10/10/if-my-name-were-moon-tonight-with-clair-de-lune/

      Happy Autumn to both you and Val!

      Yours sincerely,

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      1. Okay! I have just viewed your post, and wow. You really put all of yourself into your posts! I appreciate that, and your beautiful offering to the Moon.

        Now, to answer your query about whether or not I write about the moon, I have done some research on your behalf. So many posts, so little time, but here are some links to various posts of mine that either feature or mention the Moon:

        moonrise: https://wordpress.com/post/belasbrightideas.wordpress.com/4340

        Early Rise: https://wordpress.com/post/belasbrightideas.wordpress.com/7190

        The Turning: https://wordpress.com/post/belasbrightideas.wordpress.com/6264

        Moonglow: https://wordpress.com/post/belasbrightideas.wordpress.com/6243

        Pine Trail: https://wordpress.com/post/belasbrightideas.wordpress.com/4945

        Dark Moon Rising: https://wordpress.com/post/belasbrightideas.wordpress.com/4786

        Awakening: https://wordpress.com/post/belasbrightideas.wordpress.com/4683

        Fishways: https://wordpress.com/post/belasbrightideas.wordpress.com/4378

        SHIVER: https://wordpress.com/post/belasbrightideas.wordpress.com/4162

        EGRETS: https://wordpress.com/post/belasbrightideas.wordpress.com/3771

        Home: https://wordpress.com/post/belasbrightideas.wordpress.com/3672

        Life Rhythms, Hawaiian Style: https://wordpress.com/post/belasbrightideas.wordpress.com/471

        Again, my deepest thanks for your kind consideration and interest. Bela

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      2. Dear Bela,

        Thank you very much for those links about the moon. Unfortunately, none of them works.

        From my research, there is a solution. For example, the first link, which I have already visited, should have been as follows:


        Needless to say, you have indeed been writing a lot about our lunar beauty. I shall savour them in good time.

        Thank you for visiting and complimenting my post entitled “🎴 If My Name Were Moon Tonight… 🌛🌝🎑🈷 with Clair de Lune 🌕“. Considering that it is a very substantial multimedia post with a large variety of contents, I look forward to your giving me further feedback as you subsequently investigate and savour the different offerings of music, videos, multi-stanza poem and numerous animations.

        Wishing you a productive weekend doing or enjoying whatever that satisfies you the most!

        Yours sincerely,

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  1. I found this an intriguing verse Bela.

    Do the lines speak of your heart or what we consider to be our heart ? We do associate our feelings, our emotions with our heart. But I suppose that has as much to do with our beliefs and value systems which truly are our neuronic constructs. It is these which showcase us as the ‘ person we have wound up becoming.’


    Shakti Ghosal

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    1. Thanks, Shakti, as ever, for your insightful comments. Since I am a ‘feeling’ type of individual, I truly do feel things in my heart, in my body, kinesthetically. So who is to say? Is that emotion or response? Are those both so intertwined in me that I cannot perceive them as separate?

      I wonder, Shakti, if you’ve ever encountered the system of The Enneagram, brought to the west by Gurdjeiff back in the ’60’s, but thought to be very old? I have studied it a bit over my adult life, and return to it often. Not to label others, but to understand them more fully and develop compassion for our differences in perceiving the world we live in. In this system, there are three main ‘types,’ the Head types, Heart types, and Gut types. I fall under the latter category. We ‘guts’ are feelers, we feel our way through the world. And of course we use our intellect, develop it even, but our first response will always be a feeling one. So within this particular system, a Head type would think their way through, reasoning first as a way of having things make sense. Thus the neuronic construct fits with this, in my purview.

      So for me, feelings really Are my first take on things. Do these reside in my heart, per se? Often I do perceive them there, though very often literally in my gut. And since I am the one writing, I’m afraid I’ve revealed my bias, as it were! Each of us is so different! It’s what engages me in the human realm, each day I am privileged to draw breath in this life.

      Blessings, as always, dear one.


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