Wisdom Watch

On the gentle winds that swirl around,
I hear the echoes of past, present, future,
voices of the ancestors, whispers
only the smallest attenuated bones
of a dog’s ear can hear, but:


Just under the threshold of consciousness,
word images form, wisdom that comes
in an archaic language long forgotten,
and yet in dreams, understood;

Extraordinary hearing is not necessary,
only the desire to attend to prompts
normally screened out, leaving most
unaware of their existence, which does
not invalidate them;

Ignorance is a thing disregarded,
still, simply because one does not
Believe, does not make anyone smarter,
reveals, in fact, an unwillingness to accept
the viewpoints of others;


Learn. Wisdom can be taught,
but not if one’s ears are shut.


22 thoughts on “Wisdom Watch

    1. Thanks, Kerfe. When the light is just right, even for editing. ๐Ÿค—

      And you have a point, difficult but necessary. I could use the excuse that as a child, a lot of us heard children should be seen and not heard. Though I think it’s more fundamental than that. Fear, most likely. I woke up this morning after some strange nighttime dreams, realizing how much we ‘dream’ into being our own ‘reality’ during waking hours. And I don’t mean this in a New Agey way. What we hold onto as real and valuable, or distasteful and disturbing, really does define our life experience to a significant degree. Perhaps this has more to do with why we might be afraid of others’ points of view, that it might cause us discomfort, and we might have to enlarge our perspective.

      As Shakti Gosal (in this comment section) is always apt to offer, ‘in learning.’ I always like that kind of openness. I don’t encounter it very often. โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ

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  1. Loved the verse Bela.

    Your closing lines resonated and intrigued me.

    “…..Learn. Wisdom can be taught,
    but not if one’s ears are shut.”

    What are those compulsions that beset us for our ears to remain shut to the learning of wisdom?


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    1. Thank you, my friend. I just answered another comment from Kerfe Roig (memadtwo) in this comment section. She’s a very gifted artist and writer. I think anyone engaged in these sorts of artistic expressions seems to be more curious about exploring these kinds of questions than perhaps most. We are trying to work these things out in our writing or art. And as I said in my comment to her, I think at the root, it is fear. We all have a fundamental fear of non-being; I think that is part of our seemingly too-short human journey. Even if we might want to expand our perspective, perhaps there also dwells in us a fear of not being right on some fundamental level. Which threatens that base fear of non-being. Personally, I exert far more energy in trying to remain open than I do in my smug little bubble. And yet it is a huge part of my life journey.

      Anyhow, Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and many blessings your way! โค๏ธ

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