When the spin slows down to a pin-drop lull,
and time moves forward, collapses,
telescopic Trickster demonstrating the folly
of what most consider solid;
When accepted illusion no longer holds sway,
capturing the monkey mind in sticky spider web
trappings of its own making;

All synapses point click to Now, as perhaps
they always have done, and what can be said?
How can this finger snap in time be configured
into sentences, concepts, a thing written down
and shared, how can word forms be crafted,
steps away from that immediacy
(as they are bound to be), concept wired
to mind controlling hands on keys, eyes
riveted now on print moving?

One day, perhaps, telepathy will become
accepted, sweeping elephantine humanity
into a prismatic jet stream, speed of light
transmitting what is now thus laboriously
midwifed into being.


‘Cauldron of Creation” ~ Bela Johnson

25 thoughts on “Futuristic

    1. Thanks for that! Just getting back into the art. I’d imagine telepathy isn’t for everyone, but personally I would love it. I actually have a strong telepathic connection with about six women friends. Uncanny how it works. 😉💞

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  1. Wonderful writing and thoughts, Bela. Much lies beyond the surface of consciousness and there is much to explore and leap through time if we let ourselves through telepathy, meditation or any other sensory channels that work for us. There is so much immediacy in the world these days that we don’t stop to question the why and the ramifications in the long term. Maybe one day going inwards and tapping into the unseen realms will be more accepted and respected. Hope you are doing well 😊❤

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  2. I’m with you on telepathy, Bela. Certainly saves time, so to speak. Have had strong psychic connections with certain people (and also clairvoyance, but that’s another topic) since childhood. Have always loved the written word too, though, and trying to weave the two processes together. Love your poem, BTW! 💓

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    1. Thanks, Betty! All of the above, indeed I understand! As for writing, I pretty much open up and just let it come through. And I’m a Gemini, and that is one of our particular gifts that we attune to them. I can always differentiate between a piece I tried to write and one that just flowed effortlessly. Sending you love and peace this holiday season. I’m sure it is always a bit of a wistful time for you. 💓💓💓

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      1. Bela, you’re so lucky to have the words flow so easily. I have trouble expressing spiritual concepts and visions since most are ineffable. Thank heavens for the gift of metaphor.
        Now and then a poem does flow easily from that dimension (like a gift) but most often they’re labored. Definitely a difference. One comes complete, first draft. Others not so much! Ben Naga and I used to get into discussions about those “gift-poems”. (Gosh, I miss him….)

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      2. Oh, Bela – I can’t say for sure. It’s been almost 14 months (October 23, 2020) since he quit posting and his emails stopped. He had been very ill and told me he didn’t know if he would survive. I don’t think he did. Tom Davis tried to reach him over and over, since the poetry anthology he was included in was published (November 2020). No response from Ray — he never got to see the book with his poetry. I had a dream-vision about him at one point. He is greatly missed.

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