La Même Chose

When I gaze out over the field
and spot a herd of elk, which
upon closer inspection
is really only distant
sagebrush; when I, in a flash
lasting no longer than a
millisecond, see my own body
as a juniper tree, I no longer
question it;

We are all made of the same
elements derived from this earth,
and I can be forgiven if I confuse
a log for a prairie dog’s alert body,
facing toward the sun,
a Muslim bowing toward Mecca.

Contemplations under the juniper and piΓ±ons ~ bj

8 thoughts on “La Même Chose

  1. Tubularsock can totally relate.

    And is now contemplating why you
    have such grand visions but when
    Tubularsock looks out for a millisecond
    Tubularsock only sees a toadstool.

    So Tubularsock eats it …………

    OHHHH, now I see.

    Have a great new year!

    Liked by 2 people

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