Closing the Gap

Stay in the distance, watch the light,
it is all you need; It is all I ever craved,
this meeting with light imbued forms,
spirit beings that visited me when young,
floating up the canyon, me standing
small, eagerly awaiting that reunion;

The Church would have called them
evil, figments of imagination,
not recognizing anything outside
their own proscribed reality, black books, old
white men directing men, women standing
ever on the outside looking in, told they are
crucial, a support system for the Patriarchs,
though heaven forbid this was disclosed

So women remained background images,
baking cookies, cross stitching pictures,
singing hymns, and I yearned
for any other life, free from this
indentured servitude in a nylon body
suit slit for necessary procreation,
bouncing baby after baby
on bruised knees, tender from all
that bowing and scraping;

Yes, if it was sin, I was all for it,
liberty to make my own mistakes,
free from castigation, worthy, I knew,
in the eyes of Creation, never believing
myself otherwise, and I made many
painful choices, yet here I sit, whole
in my own person, still questioning,
still wondering, day after day,
at the purpose of it all;

Will humanity survive, and if it does,
I can assure you, it will not be because
we all filed into neat lines, but rather
because we burst free from imagined
constraints to discover, as if for the
first time, the wonders awaiting us
each day we draw breath, seeds cast
everywhere by Earth herself, and us,
in open-eyed wonder, finally deciding
to tend them as if all life hinged
on their germination.

desert sunset, BJ

19 thoughts on “Closing the Gap

      1. She is brilliant. I first heard about her years ago from our friend Neal Conan, longtime host of Talk of the Nation on NPR. I heard him interview her, and when she started doing her own thing, I latched right on. I think she’s all that kept me sane during the end of the Trump years. Thanks for the recommend! ❤️


  1. You’ve got a lifetime packed in here, dear Bela, and the trajectory is looking good. I really don’t know much about this so-called ‘Fourth Turning’ business — Strauss–Howe generational theory — although it appears to be happening. I feel humankind is in for yet more pain awhile, and yet as the Buddha taught, suffering is a gateway to Enlightenment. Sending love and best wishes to you, to Chris, the dogs and all the wildlife sharing your magical corner of the Earth — Hariod

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    1. Ooh, something new to explore. Haven’t heard of this theory, thanks for that.

      As for humanity’s birthing gyrations into the necessary new, no doubt it will be painful, beginning, perhaps, with a collapsing world economy, catapulting all that was supposedly known into frantic chaos. So many have derailed entire lifetimes into questing for the wrong Grail, the almighty symbolic currency of choice.

      Hoping once the dust settles, we can get back to basics, loving, caring, tending the earth’s resources as if they were part of our own amazing body. How we have ever perceived separation, one from another or from the true source of sustenance for all of life is a thing more are coming to comprehend. We shall see if this awakening is enough.

      Thanks for the well wishes, right back atcha! 💕

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      1. I was in my phone app reader I had about twenty post which were current then as I noticed dated everyone after that was stuck on January 5th. All posts in the reader were then January 5th published
        Very strange but good
        As I closed the gap between us.
        Much love Bela. ❤


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