Go alone, I will join you later,
you are free anytime you wish;
no strings, save the vows
into which you entreated me,
all those years ago;

Go as you will, you have earned
my trust, my soul safe
in your keeping; that, at least,
I can count on, even as I abhor
restraints myself;

I would not entrap you,
yet you stay, always returning
like countless waves thundering
onto the same beach,
each changing the composition
of shoreline forever,
each renewing the sand,
glistening like diamonds
as the salty water calls itself
back to the swollen body
of the sea;

Not everyone is kind.
Not everyone has integrity.
All is imperfect.
And yet you are, we are this,
in the purity of our striving.

Keokea 2020 ~ bj

18 thoughts on “Retrospective

  1. I think Eliza summed up your post very nicely, a ‘beautiful poem of letting love fly free’. I couldn’t agree more. A wonderful piece of writing, Bela. The first line certainly sets the tone, of letting someone go not because you have to, but because you want them to be free to be themselves – even if it means being apart. That is true love. If it’s meant to be, that love will always return. Sometimes it can be just that one person, one love that puts everything into perspective.

    Hope you’ve been well, Bela. Much love to you 😊❀

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    1. Thanks, sweet Mabel. I always love and appreciate how you restate people’s posts. It shows you care enough to comprehend what we’re all trying to convey.

      Love you too, and I return the wish for good health. Happy lunar new year! Enjoy this water Tiger year! ❀️❀️❀️

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  2. Isn’t that how love should be unconditional, no restraints free like the tides to ebb and flow, those of us who are lucky enough to have found such unity, are blessed beyond words.
    Excellent poem Bela.
    Sending love your way dear friend. ❀

    Liked by 3 people

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