Ink Not Yet Dry

The longing to be loved is profound,
the soul sings life into being,
a journey not yet taken, yet once
in progress, so often reprising
experience already inked and dried,
fading on paper not meant to last;

The manuscript is not complete,
we are all unfinished works
in the making, and repeating
what once was
brooks little space for a new
unmanifest destiny of envisioning
all we may dream into being
by dint of our own acts and visions;

Be wary of casting others into molds
too snug to allow for expansion,
human proclivity of those seeking
sentience whilst ignoring the limiting
tendency to love with condition
merely what is befitting,
rather than embracing
with wholehearted acceptance
the splendor of a liberated co-creation.

Monstera maze ~ bj 2017

14 thoughts on “Ink Not Yet Dry

  1. Bela, “the splendor of a liberated co-creation” is the essence of relationship. Otherwise Tubularsock would recommend, “go it alone”!

    Wonderful work once again. Enjoy each of your poetic insights.

    So, Tubularsock thanks you. Cheers …

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    1. And I am grateful it never dries! Thanks, Balroop. ๐Ÿ™โค๏ธ By the way, I have a bottle of India ink and some nibs nearby. I’ve got to get back into it one of these days. For I, too, love ink. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  2. Excellent thoughts dear Bela.. The dye is often cast into the ‘moulds’ of others labelling .. May we each understand lessons learned through our experiences only, as we treat others with our hearts and the words we write, with love and compassion.
    We are all indeed works in progress.. โค

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