There is a pause, before the rosy light of evening
blinks her last, as fragile hummingbirds cease
their whirling dance around feeders
and the incessant cackle of jays, the waterfall
trilling of blackbirds, retreat to the deep arms
of the forest as night creatures emerge
from hiding to seek sustenance;

Can they comprehend, these young progeny,
how invisible luminous threads connect us,
one to the other, in the busyness of the everyday,
illusions that prop up economies, small dramas
of striving toward loves we sustain patiently
without question, the push and pull drawing them
toward consciousness or away from the light?

Coyotes howl in the distance, owls softly hoot
in snags across the road, insects scurry about
seeking their own forms of shelter and it is
so simple, these rhythms of the cosmos,
the silent grinding whirl of planets in orbit,
moon and sun taking turn in the daily business
of living, the opening and closing of days
and lifetimes.

Piñon Jay, New Mexico ~ bj

8 thoughts on “Pause

  1. You know…. sometimes it’s not about the poetry, or however we write….. sometimes it’s about the joy which brims rather unexplainably, a rather comforting feeling, to read that there is another…. wherever….who notices it too…. “the rhymes of the cosmos”…. Thank you!!! 🤗❤️

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  2. You paint a glorious picture of nature, relaxing, absorbing, breathing it all in sights and sounds in the vastness of of the Cosmos as we connect in consciousness of all things..
    Beautiful Bela.. Loved every word.. ❤

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  3. Bela, such wondrous imagery. Brings cheer.

    The irony, for Tubularsock is that less than an hour ago while walking Tubularsock walked through a homeless encampment and in the middle of all the blight there were TWO hummingbirds busy humming about ……..

    There is a cosmic lesson at every turn.

    May the force be with you …………

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