Out of the Blue

Fresh blooms of cirrus in muted hues of silver
punctuate the bluest sky imaginable, though
even northern New Mexico hazes over from time
to time these days, unlike thirty years ago
when we first touched earth in these north
by southwestern climes;

Cerulean heavens magnify in contrast to the splendor
of Ponderosa pines, branches now flanked with flocks
of blue jays as flickers strut up and down massive trunks,
searching for winter insect feasts while blue green grama
grasses rattle seed heads and silently tinge brown,
the not yet frozen ground speckled with bits of white
left over from the last snowfall;

PiΓ±on jays are joined now at the feeders by their punk
rock-haired cousins the Stellars, and flocks arrive
as if by magic, now invisible in the heavens, now
appearing suddenly, recalling to mind deep ocean
diving, swimming along, turquoise waters shot
through with rays of golden sunlight,
then silvery flechettes darting this way and that,
then whole schools of pelagic fish appearing
as if out of nowhere, concealed in nature’s cloak
of invisibility;

What we don’t see is hidden only if we fail to attune
to subtleties, the pulsed calls and clicks of giant
humpbacks, the chirps and trilled screech of the red-
winged blackbird, the chickadee’s dee-dee-dee, the kee-
kee of red-tail hawks circling overhead, even the nuanced
eye language and restrained whimpers of canine
companions, bored at having to spend more time
than they would like indoors, frustrated children;
all of it, all, crying out in the perpetual need
to make themselves heard, to connect with fellows
of their own species, maybe including our own,
if we would but listen and open up
to this essential education.

Vallecitos, NM ~ bj 2022

19 thoughts on “Out of the Blue

    1. Thanks so much, Eliza! And yes, it was the most recent snow we got. We get it fast and furious, but with the sun being so direct here at 7500′, it melts almost as quickly. Despite freezing nighttime temps (it was 7 degrees this morning), it’s shirtsleeve weather by midday. Sweet contrast to the months-long deep freeze of the magical northeast! xoxo

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  1. Simply wonderful Bela. Makes it difficult for Tubularsock to hold on to Tubularsock’s cynicism.

    But don’t worry. It just takes the next headline to bring it back again!

    May peace be with you and your husband.

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    1. Thanks, dear one. This from a recovering cynic as well πŸ˜‰ Though since i don’t participate in news anymore (my rationale is that i can be informed on what i need to know without all the fear-based hype spoon fed to the masses as network news), i can be of better use to humanity by focusing on the world as i would like to see it, rather than aching over a dying paradigm in its death throes. This path has very nearly cured me. :0)

      Wishing you and yours a wonderful day tomorrow, regardless of how you choose to spend it! Thanks for the peace. Chris was touched you included him. πŸ˜‰ xox


  2. So much beauty to behold, in every feather in every cloud, and even in every snowflake, as the winter draws its own new magic across All our lands.
    Sadly do many humans have forgotten their roots in nature and to them its a barren land of wilderness. Such joy is lost in barren hearts.

    Thank you for sharing such gratitude of nature Bela. Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy your celebrations. πŸ₯°πŸ˜πŸ’–πŸ₯°πŸ˜πŸ’–

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    1. Thanks so much, my friend! And indeed, many have lost their connection. But you know, our gathering was a strong affirmation that many are beacons of light and didn’t even realize how strong their light is. As we gather the tribe! So exciting. Love you, friend. xo

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