By: belasbrightideas

Oct 25 2016

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Focal Length:46.166mm
Shutter:1/100 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX50 HS

There’s a trembing in the earth,
the quaking every baby bird senses
as it struggles to unfurl its tiny body
clad only in a breath of dandelion fluff,
winking at the brilliance of day,
life on a new planet, waking
into something it knows to its bones
is temporary;

And no matter how frantic humans try
to disguise it, louder sounds and busier highways,
the hum remains, disturbing sleep in dreams
supernal, lifting one outside the din
before neural networks shatter afresh,
merely to revive illusions set forth by fear
of nothingness, arching stilless, dread
of wonder, as if resistance could contain
a thing as vast as unknowing.