By: belasbrightideas

May 24 2016

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Category: aging, nature, philosophy, psychology, relationships, Uncategorized


Focal Length:4.31mm

It is still when it comes,
soundlessness pressing upon ears
and bones, while in the distance
tires pummel asphalt, birdsong dims
as it thrums and it drums metal rooftops,
delusive shelter from the storm
when it hits, as will happen, none
are spared its conclusion;

Who can grant a better world?
What must happen to the lockdown
of mind, victim to life’s daily terms;
eke survival, laude achievement,
whatever seems imperative
at the time, careening off the rails
of collusion, winnings won,
then lost when she knocks
her tender fury, as she does,
no more forward, only slack
to reclaim what now is missing
sad arrangement, this hack
termed renewal, mixed up blessing
plowing under, growing back.


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