Mother’s Lament

I’ve begun writing with yet another group of powerful women. Our theme is Mothers and Daughters, and while I was pondering my first submission to the group, this little ditty sprang into my head before I settled down to compose my ‘real’ piece. Thought to share it with you all here, in the light spirit of the summer season. ~ Aloha, Bela




For times I did not make it clear,

you’re foremost in my life;

remember well I spoke my love

amidst the stress and strife.


I cannot change what happened then,

though wish, I often do –

young mothers cannot grasp that which

their parents proved untrue.


I know how children learn,

for now I see it in their eyes –

observing trumps words every time,

the young, they are so wise!


Forgive all this, my daughters dear,

your lives mean more to me

than a hundred years more

were it granted me now;

for without you,

how could I be free?



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