Renewing my world happens
in flashes of insight.

If I gaze across twilight
in dread of darkness impending,
I negate the incubating promise of restoration
with the breaking of morn;

I shun my own body, fecund with potential
percolating possibilities yet to be realized,
still unknown to me; tight buds yearning
to flower forth with rich expression,
tinged subtly in variegated hues.

Enormous prism of probable outcomes,
choices exploding before hungry eyes
eager to explore;
hopeful hands palpating a plethora
of paths snaking toward fulfillment;
ecstatic banquet, fueling future longing.

2013-05-20 20.39.18

11 thoughts on “Profusion

    1. Aloha Renee: it is so cool to get feedback from others to note how they view something I wrote.

      This poem could have been written about the things you mention, now that I reread it. However, it was written more from the perspective of seeing things anew each day, rather than having fixed ideas about how the world works, enlarging my capacity to feel and engage creative energies; to dance, as it were, more intimately with Creation.

      Thanks so much for your thoughts! So happy to hear your voice. 🙂


  1. This is such a deliciously sensual exploration of something very subtle, if I read you correctly Bela. I mean the negation of potential as we impose our preconceptions, assumptions and presumptions upon the world and its immediate future as it might unfold before us. Then, amidst moments of insight and presence, it is as if everything becomes possible within the possible, potential is realised, and the mind becomes as if a thirsty sponge rather than a brittle aged hose sprinkling its hackneyed old ideas upon all before it. The feeling is just as you say, that of a renewing, and yet nothing is renewed, rather it simply is seen as it always had been: clear, dynamic, sensual, harmless, peaceful. H ❤


    1. Ahhhh, Hariod. How is it you always reflect me back to myself more eloquently, more aptly, in prose that eludes me during poetic ruminations?! 😉 Yes. Renewal happens in these interstices of clarity, then merges with the complex simplicity of what is and ever has been. Perpetual gratitude for your crisp and kind response. It always feels as if you are gazing into my eyes with a warm virtual embrace.

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  2. You definitely get my mind expanding to understand the depth in your message and understanding the words your vocabulary. Well, Bela: you are ripe with a plethora of gifts shared here. 🙂
    Sending you hugs and flowers like you give to us.

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