The pain of loving intertwined,
remembering that which is treasured
will be lost, even as ‘forever’
spills from the lips;

Gazing now at this precious face,
new life paused in eternity
long enough to be companions
for awhile and it must suffice,
though water seeps from weary eyes
that well know the pain of partings;

And we do it again. Once more
we rise to the heart’s yearning
for loving connection, living amidst
collective illusion that seeing
must be believing, and so it is.

photo: Chris Johnson

49 thoughts on “Pup

    1. Thanks, Betty. We all feel blessed, for sure. Long story short, the lady I got him from said, with tears in her eyes, ‘Just promise me he will have a good home.’ I said, ‘Oh, you have no idea. This pup just hit the jackpot.’ 😉

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  1. Touching, emotional poem. Sometimes we get touched and attached in ways we don’t attached to something or someone. Seeing is indeed believing…because when we see, sometimes that makes us feel. Lovely shot or pup too. It looks like it is camera shy 😊

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    1. Haha, thanks Mabel – he once Was camera shy, but he’s better now. Almost like a model sometimes! “Hold that pose …” HA. My husband took this shot, and it really captured his essence, so this is the one I chose to share. He’s bigger now, but no less precious. Aloha, sweetie ❤

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  2. Such loving connections, more precious than self and you can see the love in their eyes…love that never wanes! Beautiful thoughts Bela. Thanks for saying what can be read in the eyes of such lovely friends. 🙂 Much love!

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  3. Oh…bless you all, dear Bela! The loving bond is INCREDIBLE! My little guy had an accident this summer (during the week of my Dad’s passing) and became paralyzed!! He had emergency surgery and now 2 months into rehab he is walking (although he looks like he had a few too many drinks 😉)
    Love this sweet baby with all your heart…it is one of the best relationships in life!!

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    1. Oh my, WHAT. ! I am so sorry, Lorrie, gosh. Sorry you lost your dad, and then … jeez. Glad your pup is back on his feet though! I found our Lucy while I was on a bike ride – she was left by the side of the road, had been hit by a car and couldn’t move. She had fractured her spine, couldn’t walk. So after confirming the 3-point fracture, we immobilized her for a month (she didn’t complain) and I massaged her every day until the fractures healed. Now she runs around like the cattle dog that she is. But it did take time and some serious dedication at home. Blessings to you, Lorrie, and thanks for your kind thoughts ❤

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      1. Thank you Bela 💜 Yes…I remember reading about your puppy and how you nursed her back to health!! A labor of true love for sure! My little guy just recently got his little “attitude” back and I am so grateful!!!
        Now, on to the business of sending love to Hurrican Irma…massaging her ego and coaxing her out to sea!! I was supposed to go home this week but lucky for me I was able to postpone my trip and stay away. Most of my friend and loved ones were not so lucky and they are “stuck” in South Florida with no place to go. It is a devastatingly powerful storm and it is hard not to have fear. I know you are no stranger to storms, dear Bela. I pray she softens her anger.
        Much love 💜

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      2. Yes, I wouldn’t blame Mother Nature for most anything she throws our way these days; we have long been warned and denial of the facts of global warming is not helpful. But I do hope we collectively awaken soon, before too much more devastation. Love to you, Lorrie – enjoy your weekend! ❤

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  4. Thought-provoking, my friend. “…remembering that which is treasured will be lost, even as ‘forever’ spills from the lips” – this is so true. A “forever” may feel like it lasted longer if we valued each of life’s offerings and showed gratitude? “…though water seeps from weary eyes, that well know the pain of partings” – I’m speechless. “Once more we rise to the heart’s yearning…” – yes! “once more” is like Just Do It – love without expectations. Brilliant!

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    1. Mahalo, Mahesh. I do try and slow it all down in order to best appreciate it. Which is easier as I age. Still it appears as though we are reeling from the sheer speed of it, these days. I wonder if it feels the same to you? Thanks for your kind reflections on this piece 🤗🙏🏽

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