Don’t hold me as though I will break,
you know I am one of substance
and anyway, hearts caress long
before embracing.

Instead attune to the inner urchin,
virtual spines disguising small puckers
of life rippling beneath luminous shell,
sleek rivulets beneath ocean currents,
salmon sunset reflected off virescent eyes
locked betwixt familiar and intrepid.

Don’t force what flows naturally,
kinetic synapsis linking us
like lightning crossed pitchy skies;
let us not become ensnared
in obliquely shifting selves long destined
to transcend egoic imaginings.


16 thoughts on “DON’T

  1. I am a little uncertain, have we here reached a point at which our love for another requires a new mode of communication, yet at which we are stuck within conventional means – a palpable, inexpressive awkwardness that we cannot quite as of yet surmount in forced bids to do the same? Do please forgive me if I am way off base here Bela. Wonderfully evocative work as always; it almost goes without saying. H ❤


    1. Hariod, how did I ever get so lucky to have a little handful of you gems reading and commenting on my blog? 🙂 Many thanks, as always, for your insightful remarks! ❤

      I have long sensed the awkwardness you speak of, as has my husband. What to do? How to create meaningful intimacy, when actions seem both inviting and futile? And thus, as you perceive, the awkwardness. We live in the world, not of the world. Yet the world looms large, sometimes intersecting our lives. What to do with these old patterns of relating, how to summon or release energies that interfere with the simple act of negotiating the depths together?

      And the dance continues, inner knowing never in question. Outer actions almost superfluous, and yet …

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  2. Dear Bela,

    Once again a great verse. I wonder if you would care to pen one with the title, ” Do”.

    What resonated for me was this line:

    “…Don’t force what flows naturally,
    kinetic synapsis linking us….”

    What is it really that makes us grow impatient and force aspects in our lives? Does this reactive behaviour stem from insecurities lurking in our past? Or does it have something to do with uncertainties of the future which we choose to confront in this manner?


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      1. Shakti, I’ve had occasion to revisit your comments here just now, and forgive me if I’ve neglected to provide adequate feedback as requested by your thoughful questions.

        What causes us to grow impatient and try to force anything … I think both conditioning (repeating familiar behavior from as far back as childhood or further back into karmically imprinted patterns), though the vagaries of an uncertain future could certainly cause one to re-act rather than to simply allow life to present itself, thus trusting in the flow. In another vein, we humans are such creative dynamos! I can never totally discount frustrated creativity as a large factor in reactive behavior.

        And more perhaps to the subject of the poem, intimacy brings out the strangest reactions in people, myself included, depending on the level that is being presented. True intimacy requires a certain level of trust. And trusting another necessitates setting aside memories of betrayal, abandonment, past hurts and more, as well as fantasies about how another might/’should’ respond, also expectations of the other fulfilling unresolved needs, and so on and so forth – but in the end, it all comes down to fear, doesn’t it? What we can’t control. And the less aware we are, the more we perhaps seek in turn to control; for instance, withholding or overexerting while attempting to meet one on that elusive deeper mutual ground.

        Thanks again, as ever Shakti, for your thought-provoking comments to my writing. Much appreciated! Aloha.


  3. Dear Bela, “Don’t force what flows naturally”. Relationships are dynamic interactions between energy systems, Spirit keeps telling me. As your beautiful wording expresses; there is a certain tension. Perhaps that’s a necessary part of the game, or dance. our step, or our partner’s must move with the music, To hold on and yet let go, and yet doing neither. To let it happen, by easing the tension, I am told. There is no need to either let go or hold on; the dynamic relationship has blended with each of our separate energies in such a way that (as the wise ones have always known) there is no real separation, other than in our mind. You have such a precious gift. It’s a pleasure to witness your art.


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