If I were to sweep, it would never end;
this precious earth has only begun
to burn and swirl and blow away
the flimsy trappings, human footprints
laid down along shorelines expanding
now beneath helicopter eyes, unable
to peer further under Pele’s fiery skirts;

What we consider tragedy is to her
but birthquakes of yet another chapter
in an endless cycle of fits and starts
as we stand nervously in parenthetical
lines, waiting our turn to strike through
her heart once again, creative urges blooming
into discrete shapes and forms, disregarding
the transient nature of life amidst miracles
of existence, five senses, legs on starfish,
hieros gamos, sacred marriage, heaven
and earth united in the upright carriage
of the sentient human form;

Do we not recall sharp edges honed
over time perpetual as sea nudges shore,
even as memory casts this inviolable link
into archaic history at our own peril;
meanwhile rubbish heaps up and up,
spreading plague-like over land and sea,
all hail, homo erectus, purveyor of hubris,
she will bring you, wracked and shaking,
to your bent and humbled knees.

Pele’s lava
Kohala sunset
Hawaiian red chili peppers
tiny dancer
fragrant Plumeria
curious neighbor
Kohala shoreline

~ all photos ©Bela Johnson

11 thoughts on “Birthquakes

  1. Puts everything into perspective, doesn’t it? (I love how you write, Bela. ❤️) The next evolution of humanity must be individually self-propelled, initiated by the inner Self. Not sure we’re going to get there in time.

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    1. Thanks, Betty. And I believe you are absolutely correct, in that ‘humanity must be individually self propelled, initiated by the inner self.’ Or at least that journey is what is going to take us into the next phase, no matter whether it is that of collective humanity or another species we cannot yet conceive of in some holographic dimension.

      Therefore, I do believe all is in perfect time, though this last push for me was the most difficult. I was beginning to become swallowed up in despair, despite the visions I’ve clearly received in the past. It’s been all too easy to become subsumed in the collective mire since the horrifying election of the current administration and the escalating global crises that have only begun as a result of climate change.

      Still, as Sue Dreamwalker recalls to mind so brilliantly in her latest post: – always a good reminder – “What we are witnessing now are the adjustments needed to transcend the next phase of our existence. Like the Dark deeds now coming into the light as we witness exposure to corruption and abuse, all have to be brought to the surface, to be cleared out.”


      I am beyond grateful for this little WP community that reminds me, when I most need it, of the very truth I know so well but have momentarily forgotten, that all is in Divine order. We have but to hold our steady center and listen attentively, remaining connected to Mother Earth as we navigate our course throughout the days to come.

      Aloha, Betty, and again, my thanks. ❤


      1. Bela, I’m in full resonance with everything you said. And also Sue’s post. (I follow her, but have stopped getting notifications when she posts, so hadn’t read this yet.)
        I too have found myself sinking into the mire of despair since the last election. But it’s true that this is a time of great transition, and transitions always bring wide polarizations – and that’s what we’re seeing all around us. You and Sue are both right – we must stay centered, fully objective, not getting caught up in the turmoil, the whirlpool, that is a part of the cleansing process. This is a time to be “of the world but not in it” as far as our attachments go. As far as anything goes! And yet we must do what we can to help effect positive evolution (not bury our heads in the sand). Loving kindness, meditation, cultivating our gardens (literally and metaphorically)….
        On and on…. 💓
        (I’ve heard that the next great evolution of humans will be called “thrice sapient”….a new species conscious of the light energies around us, born in wisdom. Things are gearing up. Now if only we don’t destroy earth first. Gaia weeps openly these days….
        Thank you, Bela, for the conversation. 😘

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      2. Thanks to you as well. I’d be curious as to where to source more on ‘thrice sapient.’ A google search predictably takes me nowhere. Was this your own guidance? I’ve never heard labels, as such; just gotten direction with regard to intentionally laying down a new earth-based template for ourselves. That as each of us does this, a transition begins to occur whereby we basically shift sideways into a parallel reality. This is really, really an over-generalization, but it was my most recent ‘revelation’ in a thirty-plus year series of overlapping ‘frequency adjustments.’ This sounds so New Agey as I write it that I’m secretly rolling my eyes, but it’s the best language I have right now. At any rate, it’s going to be so profound and yet so subtle, I don’t think we’ll actually remember that we got from point A to point B. (IS there a Pt A or Pt B?! This is beyond linear.) Only that we resume existing from that point, much as we did when we were birthed into this life, only doing this at a different stage in life. As adults or ageless spirits, I know not. The visions are quite vivid, and no, I’m not high when I see them! 😝 Would be curious to know if this resonates with any of your own experience. If so or not, all is well 🙏❤️😘


      3. It does resonate, Bela. (And I feel the same way about the phrase “new age”! And yet we’re lacking another term at the moment.) I also think that there are as many ways of conceptualizing the process as there are people. I do think the very DNA of the human will change eventually, and over time. It’s already happening, but we won’t see real change in the world until we reach a critical mass of this shift among the population. Some will be born into it, as DNA changes. This is where the term thrice sapient comes in. Modern mankind is homo sapien sapien. The next quantum leap will be to homo sapien sapien sapien. (This idea was “given” to me decades ago, in a way I can’t explain here. Like you, I find the whole visualization if the process somewhat ineffable and I’m at a loss for words. And it has nothing to do with religion, and yet it is divine and sacred – if that makes sense. (If ANY of this makes sense! 😆 So hard to put into words but on intuitional levels I think we’re saying the same thing. ❤️ )

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  2. H. sapiens evolved some 300,000 years ago. The Cascade Mountains here in the Northwest date back 190 million years. Europe’s Alps are 300 million years old. Our beautiful planet is 4.5 billion years old. We are just the blink of an eye in the scale of things!

    Wonderful poetry!

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    1. Absolutely. It’s so important, isn’t it Paul, to possess perspective as we witness the changes that are afoot. We have such amazing vision, that is the gift of our species. And it’s one of the reasons why we love dogs – they remind us that these bodies are of the earth, and that the body can only be in the moment, or we risk physical harm. (Then of course to instantly forget that moment and embrace the next!)

      It’s the futurizing that gets us in trouble when we lose sight of our place in the scheme of life here on earth. If we are to claim that place as physical beings here in any lasting way, we had better learn to utilize that future vision to create better ways to coexist with other life forms we depend on. And if we do not do so sustainably, we will be shaken like fleas from a dog’s back right off the surface of the planet.

      We loved watching David Attenborough’s Planet Earth series, in which graphics visually demonstrated how earth was borne of fire. Living with a live volcano here on Hawaii Island, it is easy to see how she could easily reclaim herself via that element. It saddens me to think we might lose our magical forests, the mountains and oceans, the deserts and roaring streams – all of life residing within – and all due to the hubris of humans misappropriating the magnificent gift of future vision. We can do so much better than this.

      Anyhow, thanks for appreciating the poem, Paul. Blessings to you and Jean and the creatures! ❤


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