Wound Mending

The crescent mark left by a garden knife
is slowly mending, unresisting as I cleave
yet another lifted layer of my own skin
from its center until a proper feeling
of softness returns to adjacent banks
of that once-jagged riverbed;

Like one’s own feelings repeatedly
disregarded, trauma inflicted by those
unaware of consequences, of actions
and words cast carelessly about
like roadside refuse, transformation
taken back by my own hands becomes
a thing of beauty, weaving words
into textiles for the fabric
of the soul, spinning veils
of verbiage into mantles fit
for undefended hearts.

12 thoughts on “Wound Mending

  1. Beautiful dear Bela, we are all onions with the capability to weave our own layers when they are damaged, torn, patch them until they shine again.

    Love this

    ‘for the fabric
    of the soul, spinning veils
    of verbiage into mantles fit
    for undefended hearts.’

    I’ve just thought of cabbage hearts, that might be an even better metaphor, but I don’t see people liking being called cabbages as much *laughs*.

    – Esme Cloud sending love and some homegrown veg from upon the Cloud

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    1. Hmm, you Brits are always sending me running to the dictionary! 😂 Woeful, this scanty knowledge of a language I have long sought to stretch and snap … Still, I will stay with my choice of descriptors on this one. 🙃 Thanks for the veggies and smiles, sweet. Love to you and Rosie! 🌹💕

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    1. Mahalo, Betty, glad you liked it. It’s amazing how the body heals. And then there are the things we carry inside that seek outward expression, one way or another. I’d prefer transforming them into beauty over wrangling with them as bitterness or disease. Lucky to recognize the option! 🥰💕❤️


  2. We gardeners often inflict wounds upon ourselves as we try to create beauty to surround us. Beautiful images Bela. I hope you have good healing add skin. Transformation rarely comes without it’s pain. But all worthwhile in the end. 😘💕🤗 Much love to you 🌷🌷🌷🌷

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