Trembling gently in twilight,
rippling like a mirage,
what seems solid during the day
becomes otherworldly by nightfall
when things left unresolved
return to haunt the living;

Important then to honor passing
dreams, full-blown stories once told
to the very young, remembering that
which they could not yet apprehend;

Take heed to flights of fancy,
diamond secrets borne upon the back,
then spilling forth and landing
like rocks from the sack.


34 thoughts on “Solid

  1. Brilliant, for some reason I was taken in my mind to the Haida people of the Pacific Northwest Coast, my mind knows what it’s doing far better than I do most of the time. Fab poem Bela.

    – Esme waving from the troposphere at Bela ❤

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    1. I am glad you are reminded of any Indigenous people with regards to this offering. What I share with them, perhaps, is the connection to other worlds, visible to some but not all of us. It’s a Universal dance we’re doing, after all. Many thanks, sweet one. Big hugs, Bela (who appears almost invisible herself, these days, especially in the blogosphere – many changes afoot on this end, more anon, etc etc)


      1. Aww, love and light reflecting right back at you. Sorry I’ve been a little lax communicating on WordPress lately. Many changes afoot, and we shall see when it’s time to release that particular vision upon the world! Aloha for now. 😘

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    1. Yes, Patrick, light here – due to being in the middle of the ocean – is unlike anywhere I’ve been. Then again, beauty abounds everywhere in all the places we’ve been privileged to live. Hope life is treating you well! Aloha.

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  2. Amazing words and such beautiful images… May we all take heed of what is solid or not as we understand more deeply that in fact we are all energy moving back and forth…. gathering momentum in this realm right now..
    Much love dear Bela.. ❤

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  3. Haven’t been around blogging for a while. Coming back here, you don’t disappoint with your poetry, Bela. This was such a profound phrase, ‘becomes otherworldly by nightfall’. You got me thinking what ‘otherworldly can mean: the sun disappearing into the sky becoming the moon and stars. Light turning to darkness but also still light because of the moon and stars around. A good sunset is nothing short of amazing and breathtaking, and you captured one just like that – wonderful shots. To me, I am a night person. Love watching the sunset and see the darkness fall upon us. There’s just something so magical about quietness in the middle of the night…so peaceful, anything’s possible.

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    1. Aloha, Mabel! Wonderful to see you here, as I, too, have been taking a break from WordPress due to more pressing concerns at home. Completing some long-standing projects so that we can move on.

      I am fully with you on enjoying the nighttime. Sitting under a black sky without ambient light interfering with billions of stars Gives one a chance to contemplate infinity in a way the mind cannot conjure on its own.

      One of my favorite memories from childhood was when we would go camping out on a desert island in the middle of a lake and sleep on the ground, in the sand, and just the feeling of being one with the cosmos. One day I will re-create that very experience, because it is long overdue. I love sleeping on the ground without having to worry about getting bitten by mosquitoes. That doesn’t happen in the dry desert.

      If I have missed anything you have written lately, I will take a peek and see. I am woefully behind, but trying to keep up with the regulars I have read for years now.

      All the best to you Mabel! 💕


      1. I hope things at home get better for you soon. Home is so important, and hope you take care of you and your family.

        The camping experience sounds like peaceful luxury. Maybe soon enough you will get that experience again ❤

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      2. Thanks, sweetie. We are in a good place, just many changes on the horizon that we, ourselves have put in motion. Work to do yet here before we can move on. But getting there! 🙏❤️😘


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