Coming to Grips

Fifteen degrees on the outdoor thermometer, and I dread walking out to an unheated greenhouse, though he tells me I should, prepares me for what I am about to witness;

Tomato plants first, laden with unripened fruit, no fault, didn’t get the structure built on time, planting came late, and we agreed we were lucky to reap all we did;

Forty-two green tomatoes now line the windowsill in the sunroom, three acorn squash, four butternut; and we are fortunate, fresh zucchini, peppers, bitter and sweet greens every day, despite a gopher incursion that ended our beet harvest at four, despite not knowing what I was doing,
never having planted a greenhouse before;
And we agreed, if the season was extended
even a month, it would be worth it, likely
it will stretch to three at least;

Yet when I walked out that morning, gazing
dumbfoundedly at vine leaves hanging ragged as torn flesh in that dark blue-green transparency of frostbite, my heart ached, grateful I harvested most of the dicey crops; still, peppers hung limp and spongy on frost-damaged bushes, marigolds stood dead with seeds intact, geranium and gardenia still alive, though for how long, winter has just begun, there are degrees to descend into single digits yet;

Cleaning up vines this morning, I am pleased
with what remains, and relieved in a way now the shock has passed, snow will come and our woodshed is full, three days’ labor yielding enough fuel to heat through winter and spring, no more morning and evening watering, I can focus now on art and writing, indoor pursuits I miss when nature beckons me out the door and into the brilliant colors, the long days of spring and summer and yet another season to plant and thrive in the midst of my garden creations.

9 thoughts on “Coming to Grips

  1. They will ripen on your window ledge.. I had a whole load and they are ripening one by one… I even made more soup with the overload that ripened all at once again. The Geraniums too if you repot and bring indoors, cut back a little will give healthy plants for next year if you can gather them before hard frost hits..

    I would say for your first Green house you have both done exceptionally well Bela…. Hubby just finished making another raised bed for next years strawberries, as we are doubling up on them with the new shoots we saved this year…

    Sending lots of love Bela…. Much love my friend. ❤ x ❤


  2. What an experience, Bela. I can relate to the disappointment when some of the fruit or flowering plants miss out on that last bit of supportive season. Amazing to read what all you managed to grow. Guess the winter snow will set the canvas to white, all ready for you to splash and regrow those flowery and fruity colors once again, when winter is done. 🙂

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