Sniffing Cedar

He’s out in the shop again, the fine
clean scent of western cedar wafting
through my office window, drawing me
out to see what perfect hands are crafting
now from raw;

The straight-grained lines of red, variegated
with a neutral light, white as a crosscut wafer
of eastern pine, carefully- sawn cleats sliced
into freshly band-cleaved matched boards,
comprising the backside of a custom cabinet;

Americans on the whole hesitate to pay craftsmen
for fine work such as this, but rarely (like now)
one gives him artistic liberty and oh, I am loathe
to part with it, knowing such beauty will soon
be taken for granted, preferring to add yet
another flair to our own interior’s design,
knowing (as nature does) how appreciative gazes
cause giddy ripples in the bellies of gods.

12 thoughts on “Sniffing Cedar

  1. What beautiful craftsmanship Bela, nothing more beautiful that Wood when carved in loving hands..
    When ever I visit craft fairs, I cannot resist touching wood that has been carved and polished. The Tree leaving its own essence within the grains, but the carpenter who carved it also leaves his or her energy embedded within the wood..

    Loved the roof timbers and beautiful woodwork.. ❀ Much love my friend, enjoy the rest of your week.. ❀

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    1. Many thanks, Sue. These photos are merely representative of his work. I never photographed the cabinet he made in the poem, though likely he did. Thanks for appreciating the craftsmanship. 🌺😘❀️

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    1. Me too. And he really has got lovely hands, despite being a builder all these years. Watching him work is something both (some of his) his clients and I enjoy immensely. A dedicated New England craftsman, for sure. 😘

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, sweetie. Some of it seems lost in a climate where the subtropical climate is always trying to reclaim what anyone builds back for the earth, but no harm in trying to create beauty wherever we are. Aloha 🌴🌺😘


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