One Equal To All

I stand alone, silhouetted
by the dawn, queen of the mountain,
the hill or nothing at all,
tiny speck on a speck of stardust,
endlessly orbiting in a vast,
wide universe, wondering
(do trees and coyotes wonder?),
waiting, I suppose, to rejoin
the human race
after too much isolation,
and where are the invitations?
Hidden, as well they might be,
behind colorful masks
and color-less fears;

Pandemic bringing all of us
into parity with those sequestered
by choice, yet even the monks
of Tibet have their community;
and what, if anything,
have I drawn from an experience
I did not volunteer for?

Me, me, me. The one who scoffs
at self importance in others.

That’s the takeaway.

17 thoughts on “One Equal To All

    1. That’s all good. Dogs love it here too! Just … Covid. Chris needs to return to work eventually! Hard to network when you know no one and can’t really go out and introduce yourself. But it’s beautiful, cannot deny it! πŸ™πŸ’•

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  1. Powerful words Bela. πŸ’•This is such a tough time, landing in a new land and then not being able to make connections in the usual way. Finding our own stride and sense of purpose is so important when our map has been taken away. I have found community in online groups with teachers and authors I admire. Before, I wasn’t able to be with them in person, and now I can be with them remotely. My world has expanded and gotten richer, despite the shrinking of the local space, and yes, some lost connections here.
    The hubby has adapted well to retirement and introversion … which of course brings me some concern for future socialization and travel that I look forward to. It’s an interesting time for relationships in close quarters. I’m thankful that we are financially okay in retirement.
    Nurture and tend to yourself so you can be the best partner and support πŸ™

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    1. Thanks, Val. You give me some ideas, for which I am grateful.

      You mention your husband and retirement. Chris is too young to retire, and he does like to work. And it has been weird and trying to be around each other 24/7, Even though we are the best of friends. And we, two are OK financially. Yet that won’t go on indefinitely. We allowed ourselves a nice cushion for the transition, but who knew how long it would take? What strange times.

      It’s an interesting time for relationships in close quarters, indeed! Chris and I have been together nearly 30 years, and yet I am discovering aspects of this relationship that are mildly challenging. We are both introverts, so it isn’t that so much as it is I think we are both used to having more of our own space. And that has changed. And so we are challenged to adapt! And isn’t that the way?

      You take care of yourself as well, Val. I am sure you will have your future times where you are able to travel and socialize more. I am sure you miss your classes and students! And I am sure they miss you. Take good care, dear one. πŸ™πŸ˜˜

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  2. Beautifully written, Bela. I’m finding there are so many lessons to be learned during this time of covid, mostly about myself πŸ™‚ I love your winter photos! The winter landscape is so beautiful, serene and calming. Be well, my friend πŸ™‚

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    1. Aww, great hearing from you, Sue. And you are so right – lessons about the self. This may be more the case than not if we are paying attention, I think. Besides, it’s the only person we can do anything about! πŸ˜› Yet it’s challenging in a way that nothing else has been up till now, I guess. Life! What a ride!

      I’m glad you like the photos. The winter landscape is beautiful, and we are blessed with sunshine almost every day. It can warm things up from 0 to 30 pretty quickly.

      Sending bright blessings your way. Take care. πŸ’•

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  3. What happens when all we are left with is ourselves? Living in the city, I don’t have the majestic land as a companion, but people are always around, even if masked and social distanced. We are all still finding our way. (K)

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    1. Yes. Though I have always lived in the wilds, I have had choices. It feels like I still do, but sensitive as I am, I feel the collective vibe unduly. It’s a strange time and who knows when it will end? Still, we were guided here, so, life being a journey, the fullness of the ‘whys’ has yet to be revealed. Or at least I am slower on the uptake than I used to be! 😝 Thanks, Kerfe. πŸ™πŸ’•

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  4. What you wrote resonates for me Bela.

    As I sit reading your verse, the following words float through my mind:

    “Let me sleep
    In serenity so incredibly deep
    A memory
    for tomorrow
    I promise that I will keep”

    I am left wondering why that is so.


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    1. Hmm. I wonder as well. Though I do love my sleep. Dreams.

      It’s funny, I have been looking for writing prompts just today. Sequestered as we are, I don’t find as much rich fodder for writing as I used to. Perhaps I will ask the powers that be to prompt me in my dreams. It wouldn’t be the first time, though you remind me it is possible.

      Blessings and peace to you and yours, Shakti. πŸ™β€οΈ


  5. Hello Bela! So lovely to see you are still keeping up with your poetry. This one is really apt for the times right now. One year on and we are pretty much still where we are…though I like to think many of us have learned a lot during the past year as well. I really liked the part where you wrote, β€˜after too much isolation, where are the invitations?’ While some of us are getting back out into the world, it is not the same as it was. And it will never will be.

    I agree with your sentiments towards the end where the last year has shown us a lot about greed and harping on one’s self importance in the world at large. If anything the divide between different groups is larger than ever and people on all sides seem to be shouting louder than ever. Hopefully at some point we learn to see past differences and come together for a better world.

    Beautiful photos, Bela. Looks chilly over there with very blue skies. Here we are getting blue skies too and as we are in summer, we are pretty warm over here. Hope you are doing well 😊

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    1. Oh my gosh, Mabel! So happy to see you here! I have not been as diligent checking in or contributing to WP as I used to be, but I AM trying, these crazy days!

      Yes, nothing will ever be as it was, and that is, I am sure, a good thing. Now we at least have a sane President, so we can widen our points of reference a bit. Still, I cannot relax further until those who incited insurrection are forced to face consequences for their actions. And once that clears the country’s palate, we can reset our goals and motives. I do believe the majority want more sustainable models for living, not to mention a more inclusive society.

      It is colder here than Malaysia, you can be sure of that! πŸ˜‚ Still, I am happy to be back on the mainland US, for many reasons. So of course we have to re-acclimate to winter. New Mexico’s winter isn’t too bad. The sun shines nearly every day, so even when we have awoken to near-zero temperatures, it climbs nearly 30 degrees in a matter of a couple of hours. By mid-day, layers of clothing are shed. And so it goes. The dogs love having all this land to run and roam on, and we are happy to live in absolute quiet, once again.

      Wishing you all the best, Mabel. Happy Ox year! ❀


      1. It is good to see you here, Bela. Always nice to spend time away online and sounds like you are making the best of it. Indeed 2021 already has been of to a different start. It will probably be a while before the tide turns, but it is a start.

        It does sound cold over there in New Mexico. Winter is almost over for you, so hopefully more sunshine and warmth your way. Happy New Year and Happy Ox Year to you too 😊

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